Posted by: Jeremy | December 3, 2011

Getcha Christmas fruitcake ready

Who wouldn't wanna spend Christmas with the Celtics and Knicks?

A couple weeks ago, NBA stood for “Never Balling Again”, but now it might as well mean “Merry Christmas!”. The league added two more games to its December 25 slate yesterday, with Dwight Howard, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin and Andris Biedrins all invited to join the festivities. Here’s a look at how the day shapes up:

7:00 – Wake up, pose for family picture next to the tree

7:30 – Bust open those presents

8:30 – Noon – Get ready to watch basketball

Noon: Celtics/Knicks

2:30 – Heat/Mavericks

5:00 – Bulls/Lakers

6:30 – Halftime Christmas dinner

8:00 – Magic/Thunder

10:30 – Clippers/Warriors, though I might pass. No offense to the Blakers, but that’s too much basketball for one day.


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