Posted by: Jeremy | November 30, 2011

You’re the man, Stevie Johnson

Johnson's tribute to Burress

Stevie Johnson should be celebrated. If it wasn’t for him, nobody would’ve even remembered Plaxico Burress shot himself in the groin three years ago. The NFL came down on the Bills’ receiver today, slapping him with a $10,000 fine for his second-quarter touchdown dance in Sunday’s 28-24 loss to the Jets.

Here’s the thing with Johnson: He’s a nobody. I’d say he lost a fair deal of pride along with the fine, but he doesn’t have much left after his memorable drop in overtime and ensuing Twitter outburst last season in a loss to Pittsburgh. Johnson’s celebration, which also mocked Jets receiver Santonio Holmes, cost the Bills a 15-yard penalty and led to a Burress touchdown that pulled New York even heading to halftime. And with Buffalo trailing late in the fourth, Johnson dropped a wide open pass over the middle and had another (albeit it a more difficult one) deflect off his hands in the end zone. No word on whether he’ll be fined for the drops, which may have been an homage to former Jet Braylon Edwards.

Buffalo’s loss, by the way, was its fourth straight after starting the season 5-2. So yeah, not exactly the best timing for a touchdown celebration to begin with, even if that fourth loss wasn’t quite in the bag yet. But this is coming from a teammate of David Nelson, who felt it was a good idea to run across the field to give a ball to his Cowboy cheerleader girlfriend when his score cut Dallas’ lead to 21-7 a few weeks ago. Buffalo ended up dropping that one 44-7.

Maybe Stevie Johnson is content being the top option on a team that hasn’t had much in the way of wide receivers the past 20 years. Touchdown dances are all fun in games in Buffalo, since winning isn’t much of a reality.

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