Posted by: Jeremy | February 25, 2011

Welcome back, Vince

Some kind of season you're having, VC

Do I consider Vince Carter a friend? No. Do I consider him an acquaintance? No. Do I like him? No. If his truck broke down in a snowstorm and mine was running fine, would I pick him up? No. Carter comes to town tonight for the first time as a member of the Phoenix Suns, and even Steve Nash being in the building isn’t likely to dull the usual cat calls that still come more than six years after VC’s unceremonious departure.

Carter’s career started going down the drain a few years ago in New Jersey already, and after a further slip in Orlando last season, has almost completely fallen off the map since the deal that landed him in the desert in December. Vince saw his scoring numbers dip from 20.8 with the Nets to 16.6 with the Magic in 2009-10, and after averaging 15.1 points in 22 games with Orlando this season, has seen it drop to 13.9 with Phoenix in 22 outings. In nine games this month, he’s averaged 10.7, 3.1 rebounds and 1.7 assists. He was even dropped in my fantasy league this week, and believe me, the guys in my league know basketball.

The sad thing is, Carter probably loves that people like myself from Toronto are writing this about him. He’s torched us a handful of times at Air Canada Centre since being dealt and just might do it again tonight. But probably not. I’m convinced he’s done, or at least that he’s too out of touch to even realize he used to play for the Raptors. We’ll see, though.

The Raptors and Suns tip at seven.



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