Posted by: Jeremy | February 24, 2011

Davis, Williams the latest point guards on the move

Davis' first reaction upon hearing of the trade was to tackle Mo Williams to the ground

Five days ago, Baron Davis was tossing alley-oops to Blake Griffin out of the sun roof of a Kia. As of this morning, he’s taking his talents to scenic Cleveland. The Clippers are the latest on the NBA’s trade scene, dumping their overpriced and underskilled point guard on the Cavs for Mo Williams and Jamario Moon. Cleveland also gets Los Angeles’ first round pick in June’s draft, which figures to be a top 10.

Like the Deron Williams deal yesterday, this one came with little warning, mainly because the two years and $28 million remaining on Davis’ contract was generally believed to be untradeable. Don’t expect this one to sit too well with Davis either, considering he was just starting to find his niche alongside Griffin and actually chose to sign with the Clippers to bolster his film career, which no one’s really heard anything about since he made that Step Brothers short with Steve Nash a few years ago. Oh yeah, and going to play in Cleveland for the worst team in history with a coach he hates isn’t likely to dull the pain.

Williams has a pair of player options following this season, so there’s no guarantee he’ll stick in Los Angeles and Moon is off the book in two months, meaning the Clippers save a load of money that would’ve otherwise been wasted with Davis on the roster a couple more seasons. It’s no big deal for Griffin either, considering he can catch a lob from just about anyone and Kia’s aren’t actually approved for in-game use anyway. Oh yeah, and that dunk was stupidly overrated as well.

The trade deadline rolls around at 3 pm, and with some of the unexpected moves that have already gone down, you may wanna stay tuned.


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