Posted by: Jeremy | February 22, 2011

DeRozan has had it with these prop jams

If Darryl Dawkins had come up with some cool prop dunks, we wouldn't be talking about this

DeMar DeRozan may be pretty quiet on the court and have the boringest feed on all of Twitter, but that doesn’t mean he won’t speak his mind every now and then. Fresh off getting snubbed in Saturday’s dunk contest, he made his feelings known during media availabity this afternoon in prep for tonight’s game in Charlotte.

“I’m a dunker,” he said. “Dunk contests, you go out there and dunk. I’m not into all the props and everything.”

So, a shot at Blake Griffin’s car hop, JaVale McGee’s double basket and Serge Ibaka’s awkward toy rescue? It sure sounds like it, as well as a shot at the judges and anyone out there that appreciates that kind of thing. Either way, he’s done with garbage like that.

“If there’s a dunk contest next year I’ll do it, but not no prop contest,” DeRozan added.

Credit to the soft-spoken kid for letting be known what we’re all thinking. Think the NBA was gonna let Griffin not advance to the final, knowing well he had a Kia, “the official car of the NBA”, all set to jump over? So yeah, the contest was both a prop contest and fixed.

As for DeRozan’s actual prop-free dunks, here’s a closer look at the second in slow motion. Enjoy it in all its beauty:


  1. […] Williams has a pair of player options following this season, so there’s no guarantee he’ll stick in Los Angeles and Moon is off the book in two months, meaning the Clippers save a load of money that would’ve otherwise been wasted with Davis on the roster a couple more seasons. It’s no big deal for Griffin either, considering he can catch a lob from just about anyone and Kia’s aren’t actually approved for in-game use anyway. Oh yeah, and that dunk was stupidly overrated as well. […]

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