Posted by: Michael Renusz | January 23, 2011

NFL recap: Steelers, Packers to meet in Super Bowl

Bears fans apparently burned Cutler jerseys after his terrible play

The Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers are two of the most storied franchises in NFL history, and for the first time, they’ll get to face each other for the Vince Lombardi trophy in two weeks. Today, the Packers came into Chicago and handled the Bears 21-14, while the Steelers held off a Jets comeback, winning 24-19.

Don’t be fooled the close score, the Packers beat the Bears easily today. Despite an average performance from Aaron Rodgers, the Packers had an early first half lead and never looked back. Jay Cutler was also brutal for the Bears, completing just 6 of 14 passes and throwing an interception before being knocked out of the game with a knee injury. Aside from the Packers winning, one of the most intriguing storylines in this one was the play of third string Bears QB Caleb Hanie. Despite throwing 2 interceptions, Hanie was much more efficient than Cutler, and led the Bears down the field with two touchdown drives. Unfortunately, one of those interceptions he threw was a game winning pick six for Packers Defensive Tackle B.J. Raji. Nevertheless, Hanie is a guy you might want to keep an eye on in the future.

The late game was much more interesting, although it didn`t start that way. The Steelers dominated the first half, with Rashard Mendenhall easily running through Jet defenders. With the score 24-3 at the half, I considered turning this one off but I stuck with it, and the Jets ended up making it very interesting. First, Mark Sanchez connected with Santonio Holmes with a 45 yard score. The Jets picked up a safety with a sack in the end zone in the fourth quarter, and followed it up when Jerricho Cotchery scored a TD to make it a one score game. However, the Steelers held on thanks to some gutsy playcalling decisions from Mike Tomlin. Ben Roethlisberger made some big passes to seal the win for the Steelers, but gave a Cutler-like performance for the most part, throwing two interceptions and throwing just 133 yards.

Now we have two weeks of people discussing the same storylines over and over again. Ben Roethlisberger will be trying to win his third Super Bowl. Mike Tomlin will try to win his second at the age of 38. Aaron Rodgers has officially escaped Brett Favre`s shadow in Green Bay. Clay Matthews will be portraying Thor in the upcoming adaptation of the comic book. I just hope this game is just as good as the one that was played a year ago between these two teams, when the Steelers beat the Packers 37-36 as time expired. Either way, I`m expecting a close one.



  1. But seriously… Who yah got to win this thing? I am in this playoff pool and i win 500$ in GB wins so you know who I want to win!!!

    GO GMEN!!

  2. I’m leaning towards the Packers right now, but I’m going to give myself a week before making an official pick. Right now it’s probably just me hoping the Pack win.

  3. first!

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