Posted by: Jeremy | January 8, 2011

Seattle should be embarrassed, and not just for making the playoffs at 7-9

The NFL Playoffs kick off in a matter of minutes in Seattle, which happens to be the league’s current capital of controversy. Why, you ask? Because for the first time in the history of professional sports, fans in attendance are getting ripped off at the beer stand! Oh yeah, and this one goes beyond the price — according to the little science experiment above, fans at Qwest Field are getting charged an extra $1.25 for a “20-ounce” large beer, when the $7.25 “16-ounce” regulars are apparently the exact same size. Come to think of it, $8.50 is a mighty fine price on beer, at least considering what we’re paying in Toronto for a trip to Rogers Centre or the ACC.

First & Goal, Qwest Field’s concession provider, is all over it: According to a statement on the Seahawks’ website, they weren’t aware the cups were the same size, and that in actuality they’re both 20 ounces and the regular buyers were getting a deal. Well, as much of a deal as you can get for a $7.25 beer, I guess. To make it up to the fine folks of Seattle that are still drinking off the loss of Kevin Durant, they’ll be offering larges at $7.25 this afternoon, or at the same price some were already paying, if you think about it. What a steal!

Enjoy it, Seattle, because you may need to pound as many of those bad boys as possible to offset the beating the Seahawks are likely gonna take at the hand of Drew Brees and the Saints. They’ll be getting underway at 4:30, with the Jets in Indianapolis to play the Colts at 8:00.




  2. Welcome to 2011, We sincerely hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and New
    Years Eve!

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