Posted by: Jeremy | January 6, 2011

Canada chokes, nobody outside of Canada even realizes it

A collapse that nobody outside of Canada will ever know about

I didn’t watch it and the chances are you did, so there’s not much point in me saying much about it. In the event you live in any other country in the world and don’t know the tournament exists, Canada blew a 3-0 third period lead against Russia en route to a 5-3 loss last night in the gold medal game at the something called the “World Junior Championships”. Live anywhere outside of Canada and don’t know hockey exists? Ahh, lucky you!

The hilarious capper to this story came this morning, when a bunch of the under-20 Russian players were booted off their flight home before leaving Buffalo for being too drunk. Yeah, it was this morning — not last night. They weren’t hungover, they were still drunk. I have to figure Buffalo’s finest, Patrick Kane, had something to do with this. Maybe he came to celebrate what some hockey folk might consider revenge for Canada taking Olympic gold? Highly, highly possible. Or maybe Kane was just in town because it was an excuse to get drunk and beat up cab drivers.

And as for all you unhappy Canadians, let’s take it easy. These are kids, after all. Come after me…I’m a man! I’m 27! And I hope one day you have a child and somebody downgrades him, and then you have to look him in the eye and tell him it’s okay.



  1. […] clearing abilities of my city, Prince George, British Columbia. I was still recovering from that horrid loss to the Russians at the World Junior Championships in Buffalo, New York. Now I am not taking back anything I said […]

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