Posted by: Jeremy | January 5, 2011

Cavs finally start healing process, replace LeBron

The new face of the Cleveland Cavaliers

Those loveable Clevelanders may have missed out on the big prize last summer, but they just landed some sort of consolation. According to ESPN, the Cavs have offered a job to free agent and “golden radio voice” Ted Williams, a homeless Cleveland man that’s been walking the streets and flashing the vocal chords that could’ve earned him a job doing voiceovers had he not turned to drugs and alcohol. Apparently Williams has been getting heaps of offers in the wake of a YouTube video that was posted last week and already has over four million views.

It’s actually a pretty good story, since if you watch the video Williams seems smart, well-spoken and according to himself, clean for two years now. Of inteterst to me, actually, is whether or not he’s the same Ted Williams that rose to fame with the Boston Red Sox seventy years ago and hit a sparkling .406 in 1941. After all, the Splendid Splinter’s body was frozen upon his death in 2002 and his head took a bit of a beating a couple years ago, so it’s possible. Then again, maybe this Williams just looks a little weathered from life on the streets. I suppose the truth will come out in time.

Now, for a tie-in with Toronto (if the fact that Cleveland and Toronto are both tortured sports cities isn’t enough…) — the Raptors are in Cleveland tonight to face Williams and his new mates, who come in at 8-26 and having lost 17 of 18 games. It might be bad basketball, but at least it’ll still be basketball. On second thought, it may not be.

Here, by the way, is a look at Williams’ famous video that landed him a spot on the NBA’s worst team:



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