Posted by: Michael Renusz | November 22, 2010

NFL Recap: Raiders get punched in the face

Big Ben recovered from a crack in the jaw for this impressive touchdown run

Just when you thought the Raiders were finally get rid of their reputation as terrible losers, Richard Seymour goes out and does this, and just like that, the Raiders are back to the team we’ve all loved over the past few years. Yes, we’ve all wanted to punch Ben Roethliberger in the face before, but was having one of the top defensive lineman in the league getting ejected worth it? Either way, the Steelers responded with some punching of their own, by consistently punching in scores into the end zone, winning 35-3, and the Raiders two week appearance atop the AFC West is now done.

In Minnesota, the Vikings were awful once again against the Packers, and this time, it cost head coach Brad Childress his job. A convincing 31-3 win by Green Bay finally put the nail in the coffin for Childress who has just had a disastrous season for the Vikings. This news literally came out as I was writing this, but since Brett Favre was Childress’ idea, it’s possible Favre has taken his last snap with the Vikes, too.

Speaking of QB’s playing their last game with a team, it’s very possible Vince Young has played his last snap with the Titans. Young was awful, injured and booed off the field in a 19-16 Overtime loss to Washington. Young reportedly had an exchange with head coach Jeff Fisher after the game, and the Titans plan on going with Rusty Smith at QB until Kerry Collins gets healthy.

On the late game Sunday, Michael Vick didn’t score 6 touchdowns against the Giants, but the Eagles still prevailed 27-17. The Eagles got some big runs out of LeSean McCoy late in the game, including a 50 yard score on a crucial 4th and 1 play.

In other games:

In a game I’m sure everyone cared about but me, the Patriots topped the Colts 31-28. The Colts almost staged  a comeback in the end, but Peyton Manning’s interceptions helped the Pats come away with the win.

The Houston Texans secondary somehow allowed the Jets to march up the field with about 50 seconds left, allowing Santonio Holmes to score the game winning TD with 10 seconds to go. The Jets won by a final score of 30-27.

After dropping 9 straight, the Bills are on a two game winning streak. Buffalo scored 35 points in the second half to beat the Bengals 49-31, with rookie Steve Johnson recording 3 TD’s.

Kansas City regained the lead in the AFC West, with a solid 31-13 victory over the Cardinals. I didn’t really realize it until now, but Matt Cassel is having a great year.

Are the Falcons a candidate for best in the league? At 8-2, they might be. Things went as planned for Atlana against St. Louis, as Matt Ryan threw for 2 scores in a 34-17 win against St. Louis.

If KC isn’t the biggest surprise at this point in the year, it has to be Jacksonville, right? The Jags overtook the Colts for first in the division, with a 24-20 win over Cleveland. No wait, maybe it’s Tampa Bay that’s the most surprising team this year. The Bucs continued their winning ways with an impressive 21-0 shutout over the 49ers, thanks to another fine performance by it’s defense and young QB Josh Freeman.

Tonight is what really matters though, as my Chargers take on Jeremy’s Broncos in the Monday Nighter. This is usually a match that helps decide the division, but the Chargers sit in third, and the Broncos sit in last. Nonetheless, it’s always fun when these two meet.



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