Posted by: Jeremy | November 8, 2010

Bills doing best to prove they belong in Toronto

Cutler tossed for 188 yards and scrambled for another 39 in Chicago's win over the Bills in Toronto

I’d make a comment about the Bills fitting right in with the rest of Toronto’s teams, but the Jays were actually pretty sick this year. Either way, Buffalo continued its losing ways in its annual regular season trip to Rogers Centre yesterday, falling 22-19 to baby Jay Cutler and the Bears. Renusz gave it a Constanza-esque blurb in his weekly recap, but since the game happened in our fair city, I figured I’d give it a little recognition in the form of full-on Bills bashing.

The Bills, who dropped to 0-8 and continued their assualt on Detroit’s winless mark of two seasons ago, actually hung pretty tight against Chicago, which came in at 4-3, but having lost three of four with Cutler throwing about 19 interceptions in that stretch. A one-yard plunge by Corey McIntyre gave Buffalo a 19-14 lead early in the fourth, but a missed two-point conversion, which was necessary after Rian Lindell had an extra-point blocked the previous quarter, left it that way and allowed Cutler to hook up with Earl Bennett for a two-yard game winning touchdown with just under seven minutes to go.

Cutler was actually pretty efficient for the Bears, completing 17-of-30 passes for 188 yards and two touchdowns and not throwing at least three picks for the first time since 2006 (it seems that way, at least). Buffalo’s Ryan Fitzpatrick completed 31 passes for 299 yards and a late-first half touchdown pass to Roscoe Parrish, but rarely went downfield and tossed a pair of interceptions. Still, for a checkdown guy on an o-8 team, he’s strung together decent numbers in six starts since stepping in for Trent Edwards: 13 TDs to seven picks, 1,499 yards and a quarterback rating of 85.8. Perhaps an indication that he’ll lead the Bills to a win at some point in their existence? Let’s see what happens!

The loss is Buffalo’s third in three regular season visits to Rogers Centre since 2008, which is not surprising considering the lineups they’ve trotted out the past three seasons and that at least half the fans in attendance couldn’t care less about them. I’m no Bills fan, but when I’m in need of an NFL fix, I’ll still always make the two-hour trip to Orchard Park, pay about 1/10th the price for tickets and get in a good tailgate rather than sit indoors with the crazies that drop $250 to sit in the lower bowl.

So, that leaves the Bills without a win at the midway point, though with a shot Sunday at home against a Lions team that may be without sophomore quarterback Matthew Stafford, who went down with a shoulder injury yesterday and is due for an MRI. Speaking of heading down to Orchard Park, I’ll be doing just that for this promising matchup, and figure to have some sort of coverage upon recovery.



  1. The Bills in Toronto series is a disaster for many reasons, mainly for the reasons you pointed out (high ticket prices, terrible Bills teams). It’s kind of a shame since it really hurts the chances of Toronto landing a permanent NFL team.

  2. Yeah. I saw an article the other day that said Rogers is pushing to extend the deal to have half the home games here, so that kills Toronto getting its own team anytime soon. Of course, that deal all depends on how long Ralph Wilson keeps kicking around…

  3. i want it

  4. sweet

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