Posted by: Michael Renusz | October 29, 2010

Bruins shutout Leafs

Seguin picked up a goal against the team that could have had him

We officially have a winner in the Phil Kessel trade. In the first meeting between Kessel and Bruins first round choice Tyler Seguin, the Bruins were able to shutdown Kessel while Seguin picked up his secondgoal of the season, as the Bruins shutout the Leafs 2-0 in Boston Thursday night. Bruins fans spent the entire night booing and mocking Kessel, who didn’t re-sign with the team as a restricted free agent a year ago.

One thing that a lot of people haven’t pointed out about last night’s game is Bruins goalie Tim Thomas’ connection to the trade. It was Thomas who re-signed a monster deal with the Bruins after his Vezina winning year and pushed the Bruins up against the cap, forcing them to consider trading Kessel. Thomas appeared to be back in Vezina form in the win, making 20 saves and improving to 5-0 on the season. Patrice Bergeron scored the other Bruins goal.

While the Bruins and Leafs are Original Six rivals, the rivalry appears to have heightened with fans of both teams claiming to have got the better end of the deal. There’s still a long way to go though, with Kessel only being 23 and Seguin 18.



  1. Have the Leafs beat Boston in any of their 27 matchups over the past two seasons?

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