Posted by: Michael Renusz | October 18, 2010

NFL recap: Vikings win, my cable connection loses

Favre threw for just 118 yards, but the Vikings topped the Cowboys 24-21

Apologies go out to all of my fans who didn’t get a preview and are getting a late and short recap. My internet and cable connection failed at some point friday, leaving me with no internet, and about ten cable channels. The only two things I was able to watch this weekend was an Entourage marathon on Spike and the Habs vs. Sens game Saturday night. I did have access to the Minnesota and Dallas game, but I didn’t watch it because I can’t look at Brett Favre the same way I did when I was a child. Nonetheless, the Vikings picked up a huge 24-21 win, thanks to a Percy Harvin kick return and a late Ryan Longwell field goal. It’s still early, but the Cowboys are dead last in the division and it’s probably safe to assume Wade Phillips won’t be back next year.

I considered going to a bar to watch the Chargers and Rams game, and I’m pretty happy that I didn’t. I followed the game on my cell phone, and I thought about throwing it against the wall on several occaisions. Steven Jackson was a force for the Rams, by picking up 109 yards, including some big ones on third down as the Rams won 20-17. We can now assume the Rams are a contender in the powerhouse NFC West.

Meanwhile, the Denver Broncos are saving their fans a lot of trouble by doing their usual collapse much earlier in the season. The Broncos appeared to have a win locked up against the Jets before taking a 46 yard pass interference penalty to give LaDainian Tomlinson a chance to win it for the Jets. He did, and the Jets took this one 24-20. No Tim Tebow jokes this week from me, Tebow scored his first NFL touchdown on a 5 yard run in the second quarter.

Here’s some quick scores:

Seattle upset the Bears 23-20, Houston beat the Chiefs 35-31, The Pats needed OT for a win against the Ravens 23-20, the Giants topped the Lions 28-20, the Eagles crushed the Falcons 31-17, the Steelers beat the Browns 28-10, the Saints returned to form with a 31-6 win over Tampa, the Colts beat the ‘Skins 27-24, and in a matchup between two powerhouses, the Niners grabbed their first win of the year over the Raiders 17-9.



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