Posted by: Jeremy | October 9, 2010

Brave New Series


Ankiel's blast gave Atlanta a 5-4 win

There’s a bit of egg on my face, and in this particular instance, I’m not afraid to admit it because it means a little more October baseball. With San Francisco up 4-1 in the seventh last night, I all but wrote off the Atlanta Braves and resigned each LDS series to lasting just three games. That was around the time Atlanta struck for three runs in the eighth to tie it, setting up an 11th inning homer (an inning after I called it a night, you’d figure) by Rick Ankiel to add to his storied playoff career. Next thing you know, we’ve got a series on our hands.

Anyway, that leaves us three days deep in the postseason. On tap tonight: The Rays and Rangers from Texas at 5:07, and some useless AL Central team is in New York to face the Yankees at 8:37.



  1. As I write this, it is now tied in teh 8th inning. Here’s to hoping the Rays win today and tomorrow and each game is a 20 inning affair.

    Also, here’s to hoping the yankees finish off the twinkes tonight.

  2. Well, it looks like your wishes are coming true so far…

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