Posted by: Jeremy | October 6, 2010

The greatest pitcher of this generation


Did you expect anything less?

Who is this Roy Halladay and why has he never pitched a playoff game before? Doc’s postseason dream became a reality tonight in Philadelphia, and he responded in historic form, throwing the second no-hitter in playoff history in a 4-0 Phillies win over Cincinnati.


Halladay threw 104 pitches, allowing just a lone two-out walk to Jay Bruce in the fifth, and struck out eight Reds to become the first pitcher to claim the postseason feat since Don Larsen, who tossed a perfect game for the Yankees in the 1956 World Series. Doc also became just the fourth pitcher in Major League history to throw two no-hitters in the same season, with his perfect game against the Marlins back in May.

So, Kyle Drabek, are you ready to make some noise next season? Your work is cut out.



  1. Amazing. I missed his perfect game so I was stoked I could catch the last few innings of this one.

  2. Yeah, same with me. This is the first one I’ve seen from start-to-finish, so it was a treat. I’ve seen so many close calls, and this one came with none of the nervousness I usually associate with them. The man was in absolute control.

  3. The Greatest Pitcher of all-time****

  4. Bold…I like it.

  5. […] lost on the first day of playoff action — after all, Roy Halladay went out and did something pretty, pretty, pretty special, and Texas went to the Trop and got a 5-1 win over those idiot Rays in the early game. All in all, […]

  6. Great to see. As much as I hated to lose him, I was happy to see him go to a team where he has a chance to win, before he gets old. You know he was happy to get out too, though Doc is far too much a class act to say it.

  7. […] Lincecum may not be Roy Halladay, but that doesn’t mean he can’t go out and get some major work done in his postseason […]

  8. […] hit a pair of solo homers off Halladay to pick up a win their series opener. Coming off his routine no-hitter against the mighty Reds last Wednesday, Doc lasted seven and gave up eight hits and four runs to pick up his first playoff […]

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