Posted by: Michael Renusz | September 26, 2010

NFL recap: Chiefs move to 3-0

Matt Cassel threw for 250 yards and 3 TD's

Forget about what I said in my Week 3 preview on Friday that focused on the Buccanneers. The real undefeated story in the NFL right now is the Kansas City Chiefs, who after relying on their defense to go to 2-0 got quite the performance from their offense today. Matt Cassel, Jamaal Charles and Dexter McCluster all put up impressive numbers as the Chiefs crushed the 49ers 31-10. Cassel particularly needed a big performance this week after word came out in KC this week they were unhappy with his play and may cut ties with him in the off-season. Unfortunately for the Chiefs, they’ll have to put their momentum on hold as they are among the first teams to have their bye week next Sunday.

What’s unfortunate for me, is that I have to deal with my Chargers terrible special teams play. The past few years this has been a strength for the club, but is now a major concern after losing Pro Bowler Kassim Osgood to Jacksonville. Leon Washington returned two kicks for TD’s, and some turnovers for the Chargers spoiled Philip Rivers’ big day after he broke the franchise record for passing yards in a single game with 455. The final score was 27-20 Seattle. Another year, another slow start for San Diego.

In Texas, the Cowboys finally got their first win of the year, taking out Houston with a convincing 27-13. The Texans had some serious trouble getting the ball into the end zone and were held without a TD until there was a minute left in the game. Tony Romo was excellent for the ‘Boys, going 23-30 with 284 yards and a couple of TD’s.

Other scores:

The defending Super Bowl champion Saints forced OT before losing 27-24 to the Falcons.

The Vikings also got their first win of the year against the Lions, with a final score of 24-10.

The Steelers completely dominated the Buccaneers in all aspects, winning 38-13.

The Pats topped the Bills 38-30. If you’re wondering how the Bills scored 30 points, then you may want to familiarize yourself with C.J. Spiller.

The Ravens moved to 2-1 with a 24-17 win against the Browns.

Mike Vick was dominant again as the Eagles destroyed the Jags 28-3.

Chris Johnson led the Titans to a 29-10 victory over the Giants.

First overall pick Sam Bradford picked up his first NFL win as the Rams beat the Redskins 30-16.

Peyton Manning did what he usually does to the Broncos–beat them. Colts won this one 27-13.

And lastly, the Bengals topped the Panthers 20-7. I don’t think anything interesting happened in this game

Stay tuned though, because Week 3 is not over yet. The Jets and Dolphins are playing an important AFC East matchup right now, while the Packers and Bears will battle on Monday night.



  1. I get a feeling this year’s Chiefs are last year’s Broncos — start 6-0, fade, and the Chargers end up coming away with it. Actually, that sounds like the Broncos of the past five years or so…

  2. The thing with the Chiefs is that they’ve actually had a couple of good drafts the past few years. The only thing they are missing is consistent QB play, and well they got it yesterday.

    For once, I’m actually not concerned with the Chargers slow start at all. They are playing great offensively as expected, and surprisngly good defensively. They just need to fix their special teams, and cut down on fumbles. Rivers is leading the NFL in passing yards, but they always seem to screw it up in the redzone. I can’t see that continuing, but who knows.

  3. yeah my dad will like this

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