Posted by: Michael Renusz | September 24, 2010

Week 3 Preview

It’s Week 3 of the NFL season already? Wow, this season is going by quickly! There’s only 14 more weeks left in the regular season so my best advice is to spend your entire Sunday by the TV and take in as much football as you can. If you’re wondering which games to watch, here’s a look at the top three games this Sunday as well as a look at the Monday nighter.

Can Matt Schaub take the Texans to 3-0?

Dallas (0-2) @ Houston (2-0): This week 3 game in the battle of Texas could end up deciding a lot for both of these teams. The Texans still haven’t qualified for the playoffs and after beating the Colts in week 1 and coming back against Washington last week, you have to figure there is some real excitement possibly for the first time in franchise history. The Cowboys have been one of the most disappointing teams thus far, but they still have lots of time to turn it around. Dropping this game to go 0-3 would be a lot to overcome though, especially in a difficult division like the NFC East.

Pittsburgh (2-0) @ Tampa Bay (2-0): Neither of these teams were supposed to be 2-0 at this point of the season. The Steelers were suppose to struggle without Ben Roethlisberger, and the Buccanneers were supposed to be the Buccanneers. With their defense looking as dominant as ever in the first two weeks, the Steelers seem to have an edge for this weekend’s game, but the Bucs will look to Josh Freeman who has played solid if not spectacular in Tampa’s first two wins.

Philadelphia (1-1) @ Jacksonville (1-1): Yep, my weekly look at Michael Vick continues here. Most people thought Kevin Kolb was a lock to start this game, and even though he is healthy, he is not playing. The Eagles decision to go with Vick here has drawn praise and criticism from all around the league. Vick hasn’t ever thrown the ball as good as he has the past two weeks, and the Jaguars secondary was shredded by Philip Rivers last week, so regardless of how the Vick situation plays out, he should be solid in this game.

Monday Night:

Green Bay Packers (2-0) @ Chicago Bears (2-0): If the first two weeks are any indication, this could actually be a really entertaining Monday nighter. The Packers are Super Bowl favourites in many people’s eyes, and the Bears are looking to make a statement in this game after an impressive win a week ago. If they want to prove they are for real, a win against their favoured division rivals will help.

Of course, I’ll personally have my eyes on the Chargers/Seahawks game on Sunday, but I expect these four games will be the most talked about at the end of the week, barring some other major upset (Buffalo, I’m thinking you should beat the Patriots this weekend, how about that?). I’ll probably watch a fair bit of the Texans/Cowboys game as well, just because if the Texans win, I think you can immediately start the countdown to Wade Phillips’ firing. What games will you be watching this weekend?


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