Posted by: Mark Wierzbicki | September 20, 2010

Nice place you got here

Seriously, screw that guy

Many thanks to Jeremy for the generous introduction. My love of Dr. Pepper has not waned with age and my talent for sports prediction remains sharp. I called a fourth place finish for the Jays this year, which literally nobody else saw coming.

I’ll be serving as TWISG’s Brantford, Ontario bureau chief, and may I say, I am proud to now be a part of what must be the finest web log to come out of Roz Allen’s 2008 class of Social Media Excellence, with the possible exception of Shane D’Antimo’s powerful Scourge And Transparency.

I look forward to writing about sports in Toronto, including that other team, Toronto FC, and the important role it is playing in developing a real soccer apparatus in this country. Here’s another prediction, Canada will secure a World Cup berth in 2022.

My interests do span beyond southern Ontario however, and I look forward to writing about whatever I feel like, whether it be game recaps, controversies, or how much I hate Michael Landsberg.



  1. I heard Landsberg’s on Twitter so I was contemplating whether I should personally let him know that I hate him. I think I might.

  2. Of course that twat would be on twitter

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