Posted by: Jeremy | September 18, 2010

An early Heisman candidate has emerged…

A little foreshadowing?

Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson has emerged as the front-runner for this year’s Heisman, perhaps less for for his 244 passing and 258 rushing yard performance against Notre Dame last week than for an incredible shot taken by a student photographer. Check out the above shot of Robinson evading the Irish and the one here of the Heisman pose. Unbelievable. Maybe if Reggie Bush had stuck to the stiff-arm and ditched his Superman end zone dives, he would be keeping his.

According to a story on Deadspin, Michigan student and photography buff Sam Wolson took the shot for the school paper, The Michigan Daily, and didn’t even think twice of it until a colleague took note of the similarity. After sending it to the Associated Press, it blew up, and rightfully so.



  1. I’ve watched this guy play. I watched that game against Notre Dame and he controlled the entire game. I think he might start the new era of the small versatile QB’s that can run and throw, well. He looks like the Michael Vick of old. Hope, for fantasy’s sake, he does have the same attributes as Vick, because he’d be a huge commodity to have (minus the dog-fighting, hopefully).

    Good write-up Jeremy. And that picture comparison is awesome.

  2. An early Heisman candidate has emerged?…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  3. Hey, Michael Vick even looked like the Vick of old last week. Should be interesting to see what he can do as a starter tomorrow…

  4. You took the words out of my mouth.

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