Posted by: Jeremy | September 17, 2010

Burns keeps trucking, despite reports

Pat Burns is hanging in there, despite this morning's reports

Former Leafs coach Pat Burns reportedly passed away at age 58 this morning, only to rise a couple hours later having apparently never died in the first place. According to early reports out of  Toronto, Burns, who is suffering from an incurable form of lung cancer, succumbed to the disease and Cliff Fletcher, former Leafs general manager and current adviser to the team, even released statements through the media expressing condolences. That was around the time Burns called TSN and told them he’s “still alive and kicking” and that he’s “not dead, and far (expletive) from it”. I’m kind of on the fence, but I’m leaning towards taking his word on this one.

Burns also went on a Montreal radio station this afternoon, saying he “doesn’t want pity” and that he’d accepted his health status. He has already survived bouts with colon cancer, which was diagnosed in 2004, and liver cancer in 2005. He announced his current battle with lung cancer in January 2009.

Burns has coached 14 seasons in the NHL, spending time with Montreal, Toronto, Boston and New Jersey from 1988-2004. He coached the Leafs to the Conference Finals in the first two of his four years with the team (1992-93 and 1993-94) and won a Stanley Cup with the Devils in 2002-03.


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