Posted by: Jeremy | August 31, 2010

Defense spoils Cecil’s effort

Pena's Hill-aided homer was all the Rays needed

A little Aaron Hill error isn’t about to convince me Brett Cecil isn’t still the greatest guy in the world. Cecil was strong in Tampa Bay last night, giving up just two earned runs over seven, but a Hill error on a Carl Crawford grounder extended the third inning before Carlos Pena’s three-run homer, which was enough damage in a 6-2 Rays win.

Cecil, fresh off eight strong innings in a win over the Yankees last week, lost the first time in seven starts against Tampa Bay and New York this season, falling to 5-1 and seeing his ERA bump to 2.19 in those outings. Sure, 7-0 would be better, but those numbers aren’t all that bad considering the Rays and Yankees have laid a combined 162 beatings on the majors as a whole this season.

Hill’s error was his eighth of the season, though he had two reversed on the weekend on routine plays that the official scorers somehow determined to be hits. One thing is for sure — Hill’s bat isn’t the only thing that’s taken a step back in 2010. He did manage to hit his 20th homer of the year last night — a solo shot in the fifth — and added a double to spike his average to a sparkling .212.

The loss drops the Jays to 68-63, with five more tough ones in Tampa Bay and New York before coming home for the Rangers next Monday. Ricky Romero (10-8, 3.54) and Jeff Niemann (10-4, 3.67) are on the hill tonight in the second of the three-game set.



  1. This is the MOST important part of their season!!!! If they at least pull even for W-L over the road trip, then they’ll have a better than expected wins over losses total…. making it better than the predicted under .500 season most decided.
    An even .500 season should no longer be the target for the final record, now that the team is showing such promise. The FOUR HORSEMEN (I’m trying to start that as the rotations’ nickname. Feel free to use it if you’d like) are a pleasant surprise, and with the slip of Hill and Lind, the rest of the team picking up the slack is a positive sign. But then again, I felt the pitching staff relied on #32 to always set things right, therefore the need to kick it up a notch wasn’t there. Kind of like a baby BLUE JAY getting tossed out of the nest, fly or fall!!!!

    Manny in a Jays’ uniform is a topic some media douches are throwing out there….what do you think??? Sure, great numbers at Rogers Centre, but he would only be a DH…only be MANNY BEING MANNY, only be a gigantic distraction media-wise, and what ever else that would fall out of hair!!!!

    What’s your take on the off-season??? Where do they up-grade?? Who would you like to see in the starting nine?? Who should go?? Who should stay?? I heard another announcer stir the pot with the name Prince Fielder………

  2. I’ll be happy with anything over .500, but 85 wins is within reason. That said, I don’t wanna get too far ahead of myself and jinx it. As far as “The Four Horsemen” go, I’m excited. It may have something to do with no longer relying on Doc but also a lot with them simply getting better with age. Personally, I’m struggling to decide which one I like the most…

    As far as Manny goes, I’d take a shot on him as a DH as long as it’s within reason. Not exactly sure what that’ll be though…who knows, he could hit .400 this month and lead Chicago to the playoffs and be worth $10 million + next year. We’ll see, I guess…

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  4. Very true. The home is the new going out.

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