Posted by: Jeremy | July 7, 2010

So long, CB

Chris Bosh is joining Dwyane Wade in Miami. Is King James next?

Thanks for letting Toronto get on with its depressing basketball life, CB4. Chris Bosh announced today he’s heading to Miami to team up with Dwyane Wade, who’s also announced he’s re-upping with the Heat. No word yet on whether it’s a sign-and-trade, but is reporting the Raptors are actively exploring the option.

In the end, it was expected and makes a whole lot of sense for Bosh. What was there for him in Toronto? And just as important, what was there for us? Bosh spent seven years in Toronto and led the Raptors to a .500+ record once, earning two playoff appearances and three total playoff wins. It wasn’t happening with him as the number one, and that wasn’t about to change. It wouldn’t have happened anywhere else with him running the show, either. Credit to Bosh for recognizing that and opting to play with Wade. The Heat become instant Eastern Conference contenders and may just be ready to be crowned the 2011 Champs if LeBron James decides to join forces with Flash and CB. The King is set to announce where he’ll play tomorrow night on ESPN, by the way — I’m guessing Miami, too.

If you ask me right now, I’m not mad at Bosh. Like I said, it made sense. Plus, it helped to have a couple years to prepare for this. Bryan Colangelo had a shot to make a move, opted not to, and here’s where we stand. A shot at Colangelo right there? Yeah, maybe, but he’s made a few worse moves than not dealing Bosh. In his defence, the way the Raps were rolling February would’ve been enough for me to hold on to the big man if I was in his position.

Of course, Colangelo’s work isn’t done — if LeBron picks the Heat, Miami will be looking to shed some major salary and the Bosh deal will almost certainly turn into a sign-and-trade. As big of a washout Michael Beasley has been in his first two years, I’d take a shot on him in Toronto. After all, there’s not much to lose, especially with his rookie contract still intact. Either way, this figures to be the start of a busy summer for Colangelo & co. Let’s see what happens!



  1. Great post, I really enjoyed reading it! I guess Bosh moving to Miami with Wade was sort of the first speculation and what people expected from the start. But that changed recently with all the new speculation that never came to fruition. Now I’m Excited to see what’s in store for Miami. I think that Bosh will excel in Miami because Wade will open up space for him and visa-versa. If they can add the right pieces it is sure going to a team to be reckoned with. You think you could check out my blog as well cuz I really want to know your thoughts on my thoughts :).

  2. I think Bosh won’t do the sign and trade deal, but home-town LeBron will for the Cavs. Kind of a way I suggested a while ago, remember??? Open air collusion. I didn’t pick the exact city, but the theory seems to be falling into place.
    For Bosh, I don’t blame him. If this works out as I suggest, it would be James getting the sweeter deal. This would allow CB4 to be number 2 or 3 on the go to list. He did his seven years. The Raptors seemed to get the guys who were to prop him up, but they were all busts!!
    Time for them to dump the European experiment, the coaching staff, the GM, and THE PRICES!!!!!!

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