Posted by: Jeremy | June 27, 2010

Burnett blames latest shelling on bubble gum

Stupid gum

A.J. Burnett was rocked again last night, and it’s all Hubba Bubba’s fault. Can you blame him for being pissed? The stuff tastes like rubber and keeps its taste for five seconds, max…

New York’s favourite $80 million man lasted a mere three-plus innings in Los Angeles yesterday, giving up six hits, five walks and six runs before getting the hook in a 9-4 loss to the Dodgers. A.J.’s stats in five starts since his appearance in Toronto a few weeks ago: 0-5, with 29 earned runs allowed and an ERA of 11.35. Sweet, sweet music to my ears.




    Maybe the chick he was screwing around with up here in Toronto (if there was one) came to the ballpark, and showed him a little bundle of tattooed joy??

  2. They said last night on ESPN that his month was the worst by a Yankees starter in history…

  3. […] I’m on him, whether it be for his poor pitching, outrageous contract, stupid tattoos or constant hissy fits. Maybe he’s just not that good of a pitcher. Maybe he’s just a normal guy that gets […]

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