Posted by: Jeremy | June 26, 2010

Doc still has it, obviously

Halladay shut out the Jays over seven innings

Roy Halladay isn’t exactly washed up yet, if his perfect game last month wasn’t convincing enough. He got the ball for the Phillies last night in the opener of the Jays’ “home” set in Philadelphia, tossing seven shutout innings in a 9-0 win. Pretty good, but I guess he’s lost a bit of a step — the Doc I remember would’ve gone the full nine innings.

Halladay gave up just six hits and a walk to win for the first time in four starts, running his record to 9-6 (a mere .600 winning percentage — well short of what we’d come to expect) and lowering his ERA to 2.29 (okay, so that’s lower than any of his 11 seasons in Toronto) in the process. Either way, I was a bit off yesterday when I predicted the Jays would light him up a bit. Juuuust a little off.

As well as Halladay pitched, his outing wasn’t even that important in the grand scheme for the Phillies, whose bats actually brought some support for the big fella for once — they jumped on Jesse Litsch, chasing him in a six-run fifth, leaving David Purcey on the hook for the final two runs. It was Litsch’s second rough start in three times out since his return from Tommy John surgery, with seven shutout innings against the Giants sandwiched in between. I still ain’t worried though — the kid is gonna be alright.

The loss is the Jays’ fourth in five games, all coming against National League opponents. I’m not as heavily opposed to interleague play as some, but would it have hurt if we’d gotten the Nationals, Astros and Pirates on the schedule instead of the Giants, Cardinals and Phillies? Was playing the Yankees, Red Sox and Rays 54 times not enough? Oh well, gotta play the hand you’re dealt. I guess it’ll only make the young guys stronger for when it could potentially matter in a few years.



  1. That’s the best part of the complaining about the un-even schedule…..Who says the teams they’ll play now will be the dominant ones next year?? Boston’s slowly falling apart, and they’ve played the Dodgers, Rockies, Giants, Phillies. Will they whine?? AND IF SO, WHO WILL LAUGH AT THEM!!!!!!!???
    For argument sakes, the Jays get the Nationals next year??? Will that not be fair because they got Strasburg, and that can’t miss catcher?? Or they get the Pirates, and in the off-season…they buy A-Roid, Hanley Ramirez, Pedrioa, Morneau, and Barry Bonds comes out of retirement to finish where he began???

    I used to be in the un-fair boat….but I realized EVERY team has 162 games!!! Some good opponents, some bad.

    JUST WIN, BABY!!!!!

    Oh, Doc’s still got it.

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