Posted by: Jeremy | June 25, 2010

Brandon Morrow is untouchable

Morrow has given up just five runs over his last five starts

Brandon Morrow was 3-4 with a 6.66 ERA through his first 10 starts as a Jay. Since then, he’s 2-1 with a 1.32 ERA over 34 innings in five starts. My prediction for the rest of the year: 16-0 in his next 16 starts, or something like that. One thing is for sure though — Morrow seems to have gotten it together, and it’s a fine thing to watch. He continued his run of greatness last night, shutting down the Cardinals over eight innings in a 5-0 win.

Morrow struck out eight and threw a season-high 112 pitches before handing off to Shawn Camp, who somewhere along the line developed into the only reliable relief pitcher on the Jays’ staff. With Morrow dealing and five early runs off Cy Young candidate Adam Wainwright, there was little that Kevin Gregg & co. could’ve done to mess this one up even if given the chance. Vernon Wells hit a two-run homer in the first and added a solo shot in the third, and Adam Lind hit his first bomb since 2004, a solo liner to centre to back Well’s shot in the first. Lind hit out of the five hole for the first time all year, with fellow struggler Aaron Hill manning the six hole. The shift comes a bit late, but with Cito Gaston at the helm, it’s remarkable it came at all.

The win wraps the “homestand” at 3-3, with another three technically home games coming in Philly starting tonight, when some guy I’ve never heard of named Roy Halladay (8-6, 2.43) takes the hill for the Phillies against Jesse Litsch (0-1, 6.75). Okay, okay — I admitted my denial ended when Doc tossed his perfect game last month, but listening to all these Jays fans talk about how badly they wanna see him pitch (and beat us, subsequently) has me feeling a bit indifferent, at least for the weekend. I’m hoping we rough him up. I’m betting we do.



  1. So, Cito read this from last week and took my ADVICE!!!! I know the line-up was different, but it was still changed up!!!! Or did Wilner promise to be nice if the old man did it???

    I’m surprised to see the pitching staff doing well. I actually expected a year of young kids on the mound, looking around lost, as a 10 run inning barrage falls on them. I also expected to see the bullpen in every game, and get drained from the onslaught of pressure put upon them. I expected to hear Wells trade demands/rumors for most of the year. But, I also expected Hill and Lind to be the new leaders of the team.
    I also expected Doc to be almost unbeatable, but by the looks of things….the phillies can’t stay healthy enough to do anything for him. He must feel like he’s back in Toronto….minus the pressure and having to hit. If he was still in the Jays’ jersey, would he have been closer to the play-offs right now???? Maybe. The “fun” they have now was noticeably absent last year, when he was his ultra-serious self. Did the young guns learn enough from him last year, or is it truly coach Walton’s positive approach…vs. Arnsberg old school methods??

    So….are you working this weekend?? Did they fly you down to the stadium, and show you the ropes of the place???


  2. It can definitely be argued that the young core is benefiting from a looser atmosphere. Sure, Doc led by example, but in the years he was here, did he really change the careers of any young pitchers around him? Burnett always talked of how good a mentor he was, but was A.J. a better pitcher in Toronto than in Florida? No, I wouldn’t say so. The fact that the young guys are blossoming now that he’s gone only adds more fuel to the suggestion.

    The whole Halladay issue aside, I’m more and more impressed by the pitching staff every day — each one is looking to be an effective starter for years to come, and given some bats, could turn this into a playoff team in the next couple years. Of course, it’s still early this season — Marcum, Romero and Cecil all tailed off toward the their last season (with Marcum missing ’09), so they’ll have to do it over a full 162 games for me to be fully convinced. Still, at this point, I’m thrilled.

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