Posted by: Jeremy | June 21, 2010

McDonald delivers for his dad

Johnny Mac's 14th career homer was his most memorable

How can you not love Johnny Mac? I made brief mention of his special moment in my recap of yesterday’s Jays game, but I think it deserves some more attention: In case you missed it, Mac hit a two-run homer in an otherwise meaningless ninth inning against San Francisco yesterday (Father’s Day, as you hopefully remembered), but it was a pretty big deal to him, or anyone that has a heart, for that matter — it came five days after the death of his father, Jack, and in his first at-bat since returning to the team from bereavement.

As a baseball fan that hasn’t had much to cheer about the past 16 years, this was definitely one of the best things I’ve witnessed, and probably the coolest I’ve ever seen live in 400+ games. I can speak for a lot of people in the Jays organization when I say he’s one of the best all-around guys in baseball, and am pretty sure I wasn’t the only one with a tear in my eye when he circled the bases yesterday. Awesome stuff.

As if it didn’t stir enough emotion on the field, Johnny Mac’s homer was the talk 0f the locker room after the Jays’ 9-6 loss. For more, check out Richard Griffin’s fine piece in The Star today, and check the footage from the post-game scrum in the locker room.



  1. The unfortunate part of the whole thing is that I turned it off when the game got out of reach. I’m happy for Johnny Mac, but it would have been cool to see.

  2. Yeah, most of the crowd had left by the time it had happened, so you weren’t the only one that missed it…

    Definitely cool to see though…as soon as he hit it, I was thinking, “Nice, his first at-bat since his dad died.” Then I also remembered it was Father’s Day, so all the better. Great guy, and really happy for him.

  3. I saw it, and thought…no way, it can’t..HOLY CRAP!!!!!!
    This is something that should live on in Blue Jays’ history, the same way A-roid’s first pitch from coming back from surgery and Roid admittance went for a HR in Baltimore. They chirped about what a great player he was to do that (minus the admitting) ALL YEAR, EVEN TO THE WORLD SERIES!!
    This has to be one of the highlights of the year, and if the management had a clue in their collective heads, they would make sure to do so!!!!


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