Posted by: Jeremy | June 14, 2010

Tie sends Paraguay into a frenzy

Paraguay is rejoicing after a draw against Italy

From what I gather, a tie in soccer is as good as a win, at least to some. I’m guessing Paraguay is in that boat, having scrapped to a 1-1 tie against the defending champion Italians earlier today in Day 4 action at the World Cup. The MVP of the game? None other than the enthused cell phone-in-bra fan shown above.

Elsewhere in today’s action, Netherlands (my home team) beat Denmark 2-0 in a game that finished a couple hours before I woke up. Japan also won its opener, 1-0 against mighty Cameroon.

On tap for tomorrow: New Zealand and Slovakia at 7:30 am, Ivory Coast and Portugal at 10 am and Brazil and North Korea at 2:30.

(Thanks to the fine folks at Deadspin for the pic.)



  1. Man we wanted to write about soccer and the world cup, oh and also about the Vuvuzelas (we love them)…but with this picture we are simply speechless. Give us a few days will come back.

  2. That looks like a Paraguayan version of Turtle next to her!

  3. Classic!

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