Posted by: Jeremy | June 12, 2010

Nice save, pretty boy

I hardly know what constitutes a good goal in soccer, but from what I understand, this doesn’t. The United States, on the strength of this softy by Clint Dempsey, escaped with a draw against England this afternoon in its World Cup opener. I don’t know if the Brits are the type that gun down players because of miscues, but if they are, then keeper Rob Green better take cover if this one comes back to haunt the team.

Aside from this one, Korea knocked off Greece 2-0 and Argentina came out on top of Nigeria 1-0 today. Groups C and D see action Sunday, with Slovenia and Algeria kicking off at 7:30 am (our time — don’t ask me what that means in South Africa), Serbia and Ghana going at 10 am and Germany and Australia wrapping up the schedule with a 2 pm start.



  1. Yikes… Sloppy, sloppy. I cannot believe this happened. Oh, and Green is a pretty boy.

  2. You’re cheering for the U.S., right? I just figure since you’re such a big Yankees fan…

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