Posted by: Jeremy | June 10, 2010

A World Cup of excitement

How hyped up am I for the World Cup, you ask? Refer to Kent Brockman in the above video for my sentiments.

Alright, I kid. I’m not a huge soccer guy, but I’ll definitely give it a look. I won’t go as far as my friend Brendan Kooy — a huge soccer nut — and travel all the way to South Africa to see it first-hand, though.

If the video from The Simpsons didn’t get you in the mood, then the one below just might. The action, by the way, kicks off tomorrow morning with South Africa and Mexico at 10 am.



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  2. I just go for the riots.

  3. […] Cartridge Family”–an episode every Simpsons fan we know has recently watched for its brilliant opening send-up of soccer. “Oh, I’ll kill myself if Portugal doesn’t […]

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