Posted by: Jeremy | June 9, 2010

The kid can pitch

Strasburg was unbelievable in his debut

In case there was any doubt, the hype machine known as Stephen Strasburg is officially legitimate. The 21-year-old was as advertised in his debut Tuesday night, striking out 14 Pirates over seven innings in a 5-2 Washington win. Strasburg gave up just four hits and walked none, with the only two Pittsburgh runs coming on two-out, two-run homer by Delwyn Young in the fourth.

Strasburg’s 14 Ks are the second-most in a debut in Major League history — one short of the record shared by Houston’s J.R. Richard in 1971 and Brooklyn’s Karl Spooner in 1954. He also matched the league-high for strikeouts in a game this season — Detroit’s Max Scherzer also had 14 on May 30 against Oakland.

So what does the phenom have in store for an encore? We’ll find out Sunday, when he’s scheduled to make his second start against the powerhouse Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field.

To see some pics of Strasburg’s debut, check out the gallery on my Facebook page. (And if you like me, feel free to become a fan.)



  1. If I had the cash, and a way across the border… I’d say it would be road trip time. But I feel that this could be great expectations that are over exaggeration. The Pirates, then the Indians…..He should be good against them. When he’s bases loaded and Pujols standing at the plate in a tied game…..let’s see.
    I wonder about his support staff as in the form of team-mates. Do you think they’ll welcome him, or give him the ‘be amazed in the awe that is the savior of the free world’ routine. I hope he succeeds, for the Nationals sake.

    TRADE OVERBAY FOR HIM!!!!!!!!!!! lol.

  2. Oh yeah, I think starting him off against the Pirates and Indians was definitely by design, and for good reason. Still, the Pirates had played 57 games prior to last night and no starter had struck them out 14 times in a game. In fact, only one other starter in all of baseball had struck out 14 against any team before Strasburg. Pirates or not, that was an incredible game.

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