Posted by: Jeremy | June 7, 2010

Stanley Cup highlights, courtesy of NBC

You may be reading this and asking, “Why does this guy write so much about baseball and basketball when the Stanley Cup is going on?”. Well rest assured, I’ve got an update for you. Chicago scored three first period goals last night en route to a 7-4 win over the Flyers in Game 5, grabbing a 3-2 series edge with Game 6 set for Philly on Wednesday night.

Admittedly, I didn’t watch this one and haven’t caught a minute of the first five games of the series. I thought about making up a fake game recap using names of players I’ve known to play for the Blackhawks and Flyers over the past 20 years, but figured most people would either be confused or deem me a horrible Canadian for not really caring. Instead, I’ll just leave a nice little eight-minute highlight package for you to sort through from the fine folks at NBC. I realize that also kind of makes me a horrible Canadian, but it was the best I could find. Enjoy!



  1. {Alright|Yes|Sweet}! I {cannot|can’t|couldn’t|could not} believe the {Chicago|Chi-Town} Blackhawks {beat the Flyers|took the cup|won the Stanley Cup|destroyed Philladelphia}. {I’m|I am} {proud|pleased|honored} to {live in|be from} Chicago!

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