Posted by: Jeremy | June 5, 2010

Jays feast on overpaid Yankee pitcher, take series opener

A.J. choking? Get outta here...

How sweeeeet it is. All that doubt after a couple blown games against the Rays? Erased, thanks to some fine work from Allan James Burnett. The Jays got back on track in Burnett’s second appearance in Toronto since saving us some major money, mashing three homers and scoring six times in six innings in an easy 6-1 win.

I could fill space talking about how much Burnett sucks, but I’ve done my share of that for the week. Let’s talk about the real story instead: The great Brett Cecil. The lefty was light-outs for the third straight start, giving up just five hits and a run in eight innings, running his record to 6-2 and lowering his ERA to 3.43 in the process. Cecil cruised most of the night and showed some poise the few times he ran into trouble — after giving up back-to-back singles to start the fourth, he got some scrub named Alex Rodriguez to hit into a double play, with a tip of the hat to Alex Gonzalez and Aaron Hill for a nice little turn. The Yankees’ only run scored in the sixth, also on a double play ball after a couple hits.

Jose Bautista continued his assault on feeble opposing pitchers, victimizing Burnett for a solo shot in the second and a two-run bomb in the fourth to give the Jays a 3-0 lead. Is this guy ever gonna stop? I’m guessing not, at least until he hits 40 homers and drives in 100 runs. In other news, I’m launching a formal proposal to re-name the right field seats at Rogers Centre “Josewood”. Anybody with me?

Edwin Encarnacion added his eighth homer of the season in the fifth and the Jays scored twice in the sixth on a Burnett wild pitch and a John Buck sac fly. And unlike the last two against Tampa Bay, there was no late-inning tension from the light-hitting Yanks, with Jason Frasor bouncing back from a couple uneasy outings to close things out in a hitless ninth.

So, hope is restored, at least for another day. It won’t get much easier tomorrow, though, with noted HGH user Andrew Pettitte (7-1, 2.48) getting the ball for the Dirtbags. Of course, Toronto counters with a fine young man of its own, with Ricky Romero (5-2, 3.14, 79 Ks in 77.1 innings) on the hill, fresh off a complete game against the Mighty Orioles of Baltimore.



  1. I went to the Yankee fan page after the game, and a lot of them agree with you….AJ is overpaid, and they wanted the Jays to take him back!!! Wouldn’t that be fun….since he would be the elder statesman of the staff!!
    I think you meant the LF bleachers on JOSE-WOOD!! Check out the high-light of the “infield hit” Wells got on Friday night. Watch the play between him and Burnett. And, I’m a bit positive that the Bautista pie-job was a subtle fuck-you to Burnett…playfully, of course.
    If they beat HGH Andy today, I think the weeks’ T-bay disasters will be more of a side note. Then the losses will be “character builders”….but they’ve had a bunch of seasons for that!!!!!!!!

  2. Yeah, those Tampa Bay games are a lot easier to stomach after these two. I just wish we could’ve taken at least one of them…

    As for Josewood, it could either be the left field seats where he hits his homers or right field, where he plays. There’s some mad love for him out there.

  3. […] I’m too hard on A.J. Burnett. Seems everyday I’m on him, whether it be for his poor pitching, outrageous contract, stupid tattoos or constant hissy fits. Maybe he’s just not that good of […]

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