Posted by: Jeremy | June 3, 2010

Galarraga robbed of perfect game

I’ve never been hesitant to mention how much I think MLB umpires suck, but even I have to feel for Jim Joyce on this one: Last night Joyce blatantly cost Detroit’s Armando Galarraga a perfect game — which would’ve been the 21st in baseball history and the third already in the past month — by making one of the worst calls in history at first on what should’ve been the game’s final out. Take a look at the above video and see Galarraga’s foot get to the bag a step before Cleveland’s Jason Donald’s.

Here’s why I feel for Joyce, though: It’s gotta be tough being in position to make such a weighty call after the work Galarraga put in all night. What are the chances the last one is gonna be a bang-bang play after the guy cruises from one-through-26? Don’t get me wrong — it was a horrible call — but Joyce got dealt a pretty bad hand to have to be in that position at that point. Afterward, Joyce broke down in tears at a press conference, saying “I just cost that kid a perfect game”, and sought out Galarraga to apologize.

Of course, I feel pretty bad for Galarraga too, but I don’t think this is over for him. Commissioner Bud Selig has the right to overrule the play, and with it obviously being inconsequential in Detroit’s 3-0 win, I’m betting he’ll reverse the call and give Galarraga his place in history. It’s the right thing to do, as much for Joyce as for Galarraga.



  1. Selig WILL NOT over-rule the play on the field. It’s not a Brewer’s thing, and Joyce apologized to the guy. How would the kid who hit the ball feel, getting that hit taken back… I’m sure the Indians would protest. Nobody wants to be on the bad end of a great thing.
    You do realize that Jim Joyce is no longer going to be a major league umpire. Not only has his confidence been shattered, but any future call will CERTAINLY be second guessed!!!
    Maybe Jim Leyland should have filed a protest, or made them review it by video. I’m not too sure how all that works, but that would’ve been my approach. The pitcher handled all of it a million times better than I ever could’ve.

  2. I don’t know…Selig is already getting all kinds of support from people in the game that are in favour of reversing it, and it seems like the right thing to do given the outcome of the game. As for the Indians, it shouldn’t make a difference to them, because they’ll probably be no-hit another four times before the season is through.

    Even if it isn’t overruled, Galarraga’s performance is probably gonna be remembered even more so than some of the guys who actually finished the deal. He’ll forever be known as “the guy that should’ve had the perfect game”…does anybody ever remember Kenny Rogers or David Cone because they went all the way?

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