Posted by: Jeremy | June 1, 2010

Gregg continues tribute to B.J. Ryan, blows game

Gregg, restrained by Professor Nick Leyva

I got the feeling this was gonna happen eventually with Kevin Gregg, so I guess I can live with him getting it out of his system sooner rather than later. That’s what I’m telling myself, at least. Still, I’m not all that opposed to Gregg not getting the ball with a lead of anything less than 10 runs anytime soon. The Jays’ bespectacled closer put the finishing touches on an embarrassing 7-6 loss to the Rays tonight at Rogers Centre, snapping what was starting to look like a momentous run to the top of the baseball world.

In case you missed it, the Jays blew a 5-0 lead through six, with Casey Janssen and
Jason Frasor combining to give up three in the seventh before Gregg coughed up four and the game in the ninth. Not since the Mets game on Puerto Rican Day in 1998 have I witnessed such a drastic turnaround.

Gregg was truly awful — he walked five in two-thirds of an inning, fired an easy pickoff into centre and only managed to sit down Carlos Pena when home plate ump Angel Hernandez didn’t accept a time call and left Pena looking at a fastball dead centre. Sean Rodriguez put it to bed with a two-out double that scored three and gave Tampa Bay a 7-5 lead.

The Jays bats brought it once again — Fred Lewis had three hits, including a leadoff bomb, and John Buck hit a two-run shot to centre to give Toronto a 3-0 lead in the fifth. Vernon Wells missed a game-tying homer with two down in the ninth by about an inch, settling for an RBI double before Jose Bautista lined out to end it.

Anyway, enough about this one. Shaun Marcum (5-1, 2.59) is set to lead the bounce back in the series finale against David Price (7-2, 2.57) on Wednesday night.



  1. Cito should have got the pen up after the second walk. Myself, I would’ve kept Downs in, and ride him until he started to Gregg it.
    I also kind of think the home umpire got suddenly tight on the strike zone to make up for Pena’s third strike. Sure, Gregg couldn’t find the plate with a seeing eye dog, but he should have went right after them. Putting it in play means it can be defended. A walk can’t be defended.
    But I think his hissy fit was part that day, and part fear that he knows he’s hanging by a thread. Back to closer by committee for most logical thinkers, yet we’re dealing with sleepy Cito. I wanted to see Frasor out sooner, but that took too long.
    There’s always a feeling of imminent doom when it begins to fall apart. I felt it last night, and the one before…but I was wrong then. I thought that was the thing winning teams have. A certain way of no matter what happens, we’ll pull it out in the end. Last night, I lost that fearlessness.

  2. P.S…Chris Pronger stole those Stanley Cup game 1 & 2 pucks for me!!!!!

  3. He’ll get another shot, mostly because Frasor and Downs are equally unreliable. Downs is absolutely brutal right now…get an out in an important situation, just once.

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