Posted by: Jeremy | May 29, 2010

Hedo: We think you suck too

Turkoglu's presence would be missed both on the floor and on the club scene

Hedo Turkoglu wants out of Toronto. Hey, I’m all for it.

The $52 million (of which he’s still owed 43.8) washout had this to say on Turkish television today:

“When the circumstances turned against me, I lost my enthusiasm for this city. My lawyers have talked to the front office recently. Honestly, I do not want to go back to Toronto. My lawyers talked to Mr. [Bryan] Colangelo and I hope that they will come up with a solution soon.”

Well, Hedo, if the last thing you did in Toronto was get yourself traded and let us off the hook for the remaining four years of your deal, then it’ll be by far the best thing you did as a Raptor. The problem, of course, is finding a team that’s willing to give up something other than their own high-priced dead weight, and that’s not likely to happen. Any deal involving Turkoglu would have Toronto taking on an Elton Brand-type or another player with years left on a huge contract. Still, at this point I’d take almost anyone over Turkoglu.

Anyway, I don’t really have much more to say on this — I’ve done a great job of blocking about the Raptors for the past month-and-a-half, so there’s not really much need to pay them any attention now. Wake me up when Chris Bosh’s Twitter followers decide where he’ll play next year.



  1. F off Hedo.

  2. Hard to believe a signing could turn out so bad. That’s the way it works in the NBA though — teams have money under the cap and hand it to the first guy that’s willing to take it.

    Should be interesting what’s out there in the way of trades. I know Detroit has a few similarly bad contracts and might want a shakeup…Charlie V. coming back to town, possibly?

  3. What’s the odds the dumb sonofabitch figured his interview wouldn’t get seen in Canada??? TRADE HIM FOR vc…… excuse me, as I suddenly feel the uncontrollable urge to vomit my entire body out!!!

    So, I heard that Johnson, Bosh, Bron, and D-Wade are hooking up somewhere to hang out and discuss where they’re going…Collusion??? Hey, didn’t I say this LAST WEEK??????????
    Face it, I’m a genius….

  4. You should get in touch with one of them…maybe you can run your idea past them before they decide what to do…

  5. Maybe a team that could do it up evil empire style. Not the knicks, that would almost be NYY reputation infringement. If it was a WWE angle…Toronto as the “other” country thing… but that wouldn’t work for the players.
    Philly!!!! The toughest fans, A.I part 2 is there already, get Iverson to get an office gig there, and who else in the East could handle them? Then if they hint it up to the hometown kid Kobe to ditch L.A…..and come home….??!
    BOOM, BABY!!!!

  6. Haha…Philly is one team that you could stack and they’ll still suck, no matter what.

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