Posted by: Jeremy | May 29, 2010

Doc is perfect

Doc gets his due

Admittedly, I haven’t been on the Roy Halladay Philly train the way a lot of Jays fans have been this season. Yeah, he was to die for in Toronto, then he left…it took a couple weeks, but I got over it, mostly because I had plenty of time to prepare for the inevitable. At least I thought I’d dealt with it, but I’m starting to realize now I was in denial all along. I picked Tim Lincecum to win the Cy Young. I watched Doc’s first start as a Phillie on Opening Day and secretly hoped he’d lose (shameful, I know). I scoffed at the idea of road tripping to Philadelphia, where he’ll potentially pitch against the Jays in a few weeks. Then tonight happened, and I realized just how much I miss having the big fella in my life.

In case you hadn’t caught wind, Halladay pitched the 20th perfect game in Major League history in Florida tonight, beating the Marlins 1-0. Doc threw 115 pitches, struck out 11 and got pinch hitter Ronny Paulino to ground out to third on a 1-2 pitch to end it. Yeah, my heart aches that he didn’t do the deed in Toronto, but I couldn’t be happier for the guy. The hardest working man in all of baseball is now among the greatest of the greats, having achieved the game’s most remarkable individual feat. I’m guessing he’s not about to stop pushing himself either.



  1. Has anybody ever thrown two perfect games? If not, Doc will be.

  2. Yeah, he’s about as good a candidate as there is…just wish he could’ve nabbed one with us.

  3. I agree, I wish he could have done it in Toronto but I am thrilled for the guy.

    That said I am shocked you felt the way you did. Doc is the hardest working man in baseball as you said but he may be the hardest working man in all of professional sports. The only person who even comes close in my books would be Chris Chelios who at 48 years of age could still out perform countless people half his age.

    The above reason is why I never felt the way you did about Doc leaving. The man wants one thing and that is to win a World Series, I can only hope he gets one. Wilner said a few weeks ago that he had spoken to Brandi and the only reason Doc wanted a trade was because he wants to win and if he gets that ring he would love nothing more than to finish it out in Toronto.

    Congrats to Doc a class act through and through!

  4. I’m thrilled for him. I remember watching his entire start against Detroit when he went 8 2/3 of no-hit ball before giving up a Bobby Higginson homerun. I wish he could have done it here, but it’s still great.

  5. I like that he did it. MLB should take him, and use his work ethic as an example for kids to see how hard work pays off!!! Odds are, Roy probably was first at the ball park AGAIN and already studying their next opponents’ line-up as he works out!!!!

    So, do you think someone coming up from Vegas, or a free agent DARE to take #32 within the next few years as a jersey number???

  6. Hey.. check out Romero’s on field after game interview with Arash. When he’s asked of Halladay’s perfect game, Ricky basically gave the “that’s nice, don’t care.” It felt to me like the rumors, and un-guarded comments from the players in the spring were true; and it was Doc that was the tension in the club house. Maybe Ricky wasn’t impressed that after throwing a complete game, the interview has to include Doc and his game the night before.
    A bit later, they showed Downs talk about how he watched/heard the final inning. He then says how he texted him, and that there’s still guys in Toronto cheering for him.


    I think something was going on that we didn’t know.

  7. @bill: Yeah, I saw Romero’s interview after the game today. That’s the second time I’ve heard him shrug off questions about Doc, the other being in Spring Training when he kind of hinted that Halladay was too serious for some of the young guys. Not sure what to make of it…

  8. you scoffed at that idea? i’m hurt!

  9. Noooooo! I scoffed at the original idea of a trip out there, but you definitely got me re-thinking it!

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