Posted by: Jeremy | May 27, 2010

Downs lets one get away, Jays drop to fourth

Bobby Abreu, hero

In case you hadn’t realized, it ain’t easy hanging with the big boys in the AL East. Shortly after Scotty Downs blew his 83rd game in the past fiscal year last night, Boston finished off a three-game sweep of the first place Rays at Fenway, pulling a half-game ahead of the Jays and dropping them to fourth in the division. A bit of a bad hand considering the way Toronto has played thus far, but nothing we’re not used to.

Yesterday’s 6-5 loss was the Jays’ second consecutive to the Angels, and a bit of a tough one to take after a late push sent a tie game to the bottom of the ninth. Bobby Abreu, whose error the previous half gave the Toronto a chance to tie, handled the walkoff honours for Los Angeles, driving home the winner with a bases-loaded single off Downs with two out in the inning. I shouldn’t be too tough on Downsy — the run was the first he’d given up since April 27, after all — but he’s still taken the loss in each of the last four outings he’s surrendered runs in.

Brandon Morrow had another of his typical starts, coughing up an early 3-0 lead and leaving after giving up three runs through five with four walks and six strikeouts. Rommie Lewis gave up a pair of runs in the sixth to give the Angels a 5-3 lead before RBI doubles by Edwin Encarnacion in the seventh and John Buck in the ninth pulled the Jays even. Encarnacion also “drove” one home with a bases-loaded walk in the second, giving him 13 RBIs in nine games since coming off the disabled list early last week.

The loss concludes Toronto’s west coast swing at 3-5 — not all that bad, considering similar trips they’ve made over the past 33 years. Luckily, the cure for a two-game losing streaks rolls into Rogers Centre tomorrow night as well — you guessed it, the Baltimore Super Orioles! Shaun Marcum (4-1, 2.82) gets the ball in the opener against Kevin Millwood (0-4, 3.71) tomorrow night.



  1. It’s weird, I remember thinking the bullpen would be one of our strong points going into this season, with Frasor, Downs, and Gregg a pretty good combination, but it hasn’t really turned out that way.

  2. Don’t be too hard on Downs. It was written long before he took the ball in the ninth. That Karma thing with Abreu screwing up was obvious to make amends for when/if he got up in the ninth.

    Side note…Have you noticed the TWANG in the voice from Rance and Buck give the games a down home, yet annoying tone to the game. It’s worse when Tabler’s joining Buck, because he slowly picked it up over the season so far. WELCOME TO RED-NECK BASEBALL!!! TONIGHT, THE TORONTO RED NECKS TAKE ON THE…..

    Now that the Red Sox are getting their house in order, is it the time that the pressure begins to expose the cracks in the Jays’ armour. Hopefully, Lind and Hill get it right before Bautista and Gonzalez start to flop back to mediocrity. And let’s find out how E.E does for more than a month at a time…..

  3. P.S….It’s only May 27. Don’t get your pantys in a ass-crack loving knot over the standings…. give it the all-star break, then see them behind the surging Orioles!!!!!

  4. Frasor looks like he’s gotten it together, but Gregg is starting to hit a bit of a rough stretch. Downs has pitched well for the most part, though I’d like to see him come into a tie game and not let it get away for once. Brings back memories of last season when he blew like five saves in one week before going on the DL.

  5. @bill: I’ll still take Buck over Jamie Campbell any day. The thing is, Campbell wasn’t even that bad if you listen to some of the homers other teams have in their booth.

    As for the Orioles, they suck. I wasn’t buying into this whole “turnaround” people were calling for this season…I had them picked for last, and that looks to be where they’ll stay…

  6. The Jays were an aberration this year, just like they were last year at this time. Every team has a good month and a half and the Jays seem to have theirs in April-early May. It is now time to show their mediocrity. Their pitching staff, while talented, is too young and inexperienced, their defence is below average and even though they have a lot of home runs, NOBODY can get on base! Their leader is .361 and their team OBP is .309. That is not a sustainable offence. I mean just look at the three teams above them Red Sox .345, Yankees .361 and Rays .335. It just stands to reason that teams that get on 30% more than you will score more runs and therefore have a better record.

    Enjoy 4th place Blue Jay fans. You will be there for a while.

  7. Oh yeah, it’s not likely to continue, but given the hit this team took with the loss of Halladay, they’re gonna finish in much better shape than a lot of people expected. If nothing else, they can take a bit of pride in not being the Orioles.

    I love the young pitching, but I’m nervous to see if they’ll keep it up — Marcum started ’07 and ’08 in similar form and Romero cruised until August last year, so it’ll be a test to see if they can hold it together for 30+ starts. Should be interesting to see if Cecil’s legit and if any of the other young guys (Rzczepcynski, Mills) can come up and make an impact as well.

    Offensively, they’re not close to keeping up with the big boys, but keep in mind that Lind and Hill haven’t hit a lick yet. That said, I’m not betting on Bautista and Encarnacion to combine for 150 homers when it’s all said and done.

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