Posted by: Jeremy | May 24, 2010

And that’s why you play for the Nationals…

Nyjer Morgan could teach Hanley Ramirez a few things about how to give up on a play — hey, at least he showed some fire, which is more than Ramirez can claim. Luckily for Morgan, everyone just laughed this one off, seeing that it was the Nationals and Orioles and nobody realized that it was an actual big league game.



  1. Ha… By the way, Nyjer was my man in Pittsburgh.

  2. He’s pretty good. A poor man’s Juan Pierre, which is fine because Juan Pierre isn’t worth anywhere close to $10 million a year.

  3. […] league. Also, stop throwing baseballs at the back of fans’ heads. Keep doing things like this though, because that’s still pretty […]

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