Posted by: Jeremy | May 23, 2010

So long, Lima time

Jose Lima (1973-2010)

Baseball lost one of the most colourful characters of this generation today, with the passing of former Tiger, Astro, Royal, Met and Dodger righty Jose Lima. Not much known at the moment, though early reports are suggesting the 37-year-old died of a heart attack this morning in Pasadena.

Lima’s career numbers weren’t all that pretty — 89-102 with a 5.26 ERA in 13 seasons — though he strung together a couple fine years with Houston in the late-nineties, including a 21-10 mark in 1999 to earn a spot on the NL All-Star team. More than that, though, he’ll be remembered for his flamboyant, fist pumping antics and the above picture from his 2004 National Anthem performance at Dodger Stadium, which not-surprisingly turned his wife into a worldwide celeb.

Rest in peace, Lima Time.



  1. I met him back in ’06. We were at the final series, and it was versus KC. On the Friday, he tossed me a ball as I was above the Jays pen. My sunglasses fell off as I missed the ball. Jose went in to the pen, and flipped it back to me. He saw the glasses, and I told him to keep them. Why not, he gave me a ball.
    The next day, we got in early. He was down near the LF line. He had the glasses on, and I had brought an extra pair to wear. I yelled over to him how does he like the glasses, as I showed him my new pair. He saw me, and started laughing, then said how he liked them very much. Turns out the Friday was his birthday, so it was a late birthday gift.
    I went up above the pen to my perch. A little girl was down along the wall, and got hit by a foul ball on the hand. Jose was the first over to comfort her, and check on her while the attendant got down to see what was up. I got back down there, hoping to get him to sign the ball. He was too busy, and I understood the moment. I left him alone, and didn’t hassle him.
    That was also the night I was drinking in the hotel bar with Buddy Bell.
    At the end of the game Sunday, it was the end of the season. The players were throwing their batting gloves, and stuff to the masses. KC players too. At the train station, I saw a woman wearing a KC cap. Turned out to be Jose’s billet when he stayed in London, Ont. as a minor leaguer. We shared our tales of him, until it was time to go to our perspective train cars.

  2. Cool story…he always seemed like one of the good guys and that only confirms it. Definitely a character, and unlike the Chamberlains and Burnetts, managed to perfect the fist pump without coming off like a total dick.

  3. I hear you on his wife becoming a celeb. Wow…… Lol.

  4. His wife was a superstar after that. That pic blew up all over the Internet…some media outlets even cropped here out of it because she was getting too much attention.

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