Posted by: Jeremy | May 23, 2010

Jays drop third straight behind another memorable performance from Eveland

Dana Eveland's storied Jays career is ready to draw to a close

I never thought I’d actually say this, but I can’t wait for Brian Tallet to be back in the Jays’ starting rotation. Yeah, I realize people get executed for saying things like that in certain parts, but Tallet’s return means we can finally close the book on Dana Eveland. The hefty lefty had another rough outing last night in Arizona, coughing up eight runs in an inning-and-a-third in Toronto’s third straight loss, 8-5 to the Diamondbacks.

Eveland strung together a few strong starts early this season, but 23 hits and 19 runs (17 earned) over nine innings in his last three has left him with a 6.45 ERA and a sure designation for assignment when Tallet comes off the DL in a week or so. That’s fine by me, and I’m guessing it is with fellow Jays enthusiast Angry Mike Zandbergen, who I imagine is popping his lid right about now with Eveland. Hey, he’s a passionate dude.

Last night’s loss dropped Toronto to 25-20 — still mighty fine, all things considered. Edwin Encarnacion followed Friday’s three-homer show with a three-run blast in the eighth and the Jays’ bullpen tossed six-and-two-thirds shutout innings after Eveland’s departure — impressive, and they’ll likely get an afternoon off with the great Shaun Marcum on the hill today.

Marcum (3-1, 2.61) deals against former Boston first baseman and 1986 World Series goat Billy Buckner (0-1, 3.60) in the finale at 4:15. After the win, the Jays head to LA to face the Angels for three, with Brett Cecil getting things rolling Monday night.



  1. Take the positive out of it, The bullpen can shut a team down pretty much ALL game. The thought of Tallet being a positive in the rotation is better than the other….BITCH LITSCH!! I don’t like that pompous ass!!!
    Maybe Dana would take a trade to the NL, if anyone from there would take him (his interview before the game, he said how he liked the idea of hitting). The line-up looks surprisingly solid, and maybe throw in Lyle to get a starter back. Then get this Wallace kid up, to shine or shit (this way, all those douche-bags who whine like pussies about him and Overbay can hang or brag on their words)!!!!!
    At least there’s one good thing about this road trip compared to last year’s trip at this time…….one win (so far).

  2. […] storied Jays career is ready to draw to a close I never thought I’d actual author: los-angeles « Tag Feed VN:F [1.8.9_1076]please wait…Rating: 0.0/10 (0 votes cast)VN:F [1.8.9_1076]Rating: 0 (from 0 […]

  3. HAHA!! Nice name drop bro!!

  4. @bill: What, did Litsch not sign a ball for you or something? I’ve been impressed with what he’s done so far in his young career, and I’ll be ready to welcome him back when it’s time. Sure, he doesn’t blow anyone away, but neither does Marcum. He’s doing alright, isn’t he?

    As for Eveland and Overbay, I don’t see anyone jumping at that package. I imagine Eveland is gonna be DFA’d and end up in Vegas when nobody claims him. Overbay, on the other hand, is getting it cooking — a couple more hits today to bump his average to a sparkling .215.

  5. I got a ball or two done by him. My thing is his snotty attitude. He has a sneer that gets me every time he flashes it my way, as if I’m not supposed to be in the same realm as the former bitch-bat-boy!!
    I’ve learned a fair bit from hounding. The rookies are cool to sign, until they’ve been assured that they belong. Then when they are around for their second year, they get the condo, and a bit of attitude (alex rios). When they get the Escalade, and a better place, forget it!! That’s when they get ambidextrous by talking in their phone on either shoulder that a autogragh seeker is on.

    As for the Overbay idea, He’s gone at the end of the year. I’m going to go off like the majority, and say they should get ANYTHING for him. I doubt he’ll be a draft pick compensation signing.

  6. Yeah, I’ve been around enough ballplayers and if I judged them based on whether or not they were cocky, then there wouldn’t be too many left to cheer for. If the guy plays well, that’s enough for me…and Litsch has been better than a lot of guys we could send out there.

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