Posted by: Jeremy | April 17, 2010

Give me Randy Ruiz, please


That excitement about the Jays’ first six games? Yeah, it’s starting to wear off. Juuuuuust a little. This afternoon’s 6-3 sleeper against the Angels marked Toronto’s second straight loss and fourth in six games since coming home, dropping them to 7-5 on the young season.

Brian Tallet was bad (are we still wasting a rotation spot on him?), the bats were quiet and our pair of “closers” didn’t do much to keep us in late when we were at least in the game. But forget about that. Let’s talk about Cito Gaston. Yes, the great Cito Gaston of back-to-back World Series fame. The guy that was the greatest man in the world 20 years ago and for some reason still is to a high percentage of the Jays’ mostly-uneducated fan base.

Lyle Overbay, who Gaston handed the full reigns to at first base this spring despite having a potential 30-homer man on the bench, came in hitting .070 (3-for-43) and without a hit against a lefty since 2006. So why not throw him in the lineup against Joe Saunders? And why not bat him fifth? Yeah, that’s what Gaston did, effectively handing the game to the Angels before it even started. Has there been a more braindead manager in the history of game?

Okay, so Overbay wasn’t the reason the Jays lost today — he actually broke an 0-for-17 slump with an RBI double in the eighth — but with decisions like this from our savvy, motivated manager, is there even reason to watch some of these games after the lineup cards get handed out?



  1. You seem to forget that this is Cito’s final year at the helm. Maybe this could be a way to get a better pick in the draft, by having a guy that should be a defensive replacement hitting 5. Sure Ruiz seems to have less mobility, but maybe a return of Hill would make up for the lack of range… and give Ruiz first base to be another huge guy to throw at (Frank Thomas before he was only DH?).
    I doubt Lyle will sit. AND NO WAY HE COULD/WOULD GO TO LAS VEGAS!!!! Yet, this is his contract year….maybe the pressure’s getting to him that he hasn’t mentioned yet. I do find that hard to believe strictly on the IMMENSE pressure Toronto sports fans and teams put on their players. They’re babied, and its pathetic!!!!
    On the pre-game, they were interviewing Tallet. He made that reference that it wasn’t fun to be there last year, and now everyone wants to be at the ballpark, and are getting along like a bunch of buddies. The under-lying message is clear that Doc made them miserable. TOUGH SHIT!!!! HE WANTED TO WIN!!!
    Final thought for now is…. Do you know the difference between the Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Yankees??? On coming home ( like Gonzalez), the Jays go pussy and try to do the reach-around. THE YANKS WOULD HAVE SPIKED THE CATCHER, AND SCORED!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I heard Brett Wallace is off to a great start in AAA, so maybe we’ll get a look at him at 1B soon.

  3. bill: I don’t know…I still think Cito’s dumb and Overbay is finished.

    mike: Yeah, I heard he’s mashing in Vegas right now. Hey, I’m ready for him…

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