Posted by: Jeremy | April 15, 2010

Romero looks good, rest of staff…well, not so much

Nice start, young fella

Okay, so 161-1 may be out of the question, but 159-3 isn’t entirely out of the realm of possibility. Since we last spoke (37 hours of work in the past three days is my excuse for the hiatus this time), Alex Rios and the White Sox have rolled in and taken two of three, barely escaping being no-hit by Ricky “One Day I’ll Be Perfect” Romero in the middle game. Romero’s one-hit gem was sandwiched by a Jason Frasor blown save in the opener and a laugher in front of the smallest crowd in Rogers Centre history last night — a spirited group of 10,610.

First off, the opener: The Jays’ 5-1 start salvaged a sell-out crowd — one that tossed a surprisingly low number of paper planes on the field and that collectively decided not to test my tackling prowess, despite a tip from a buddy of mine on the Grounds Crew that a fat friend of a friend was planning to put me to work. All in all, a relatively tame night by idiot Jays fans’ Opening Day standards, though one that was spoiled by Frasor’s ninth-inning cough up and Jeremy Accardo’s extra-inning peak of what we can expect from him in 2010.

Tuesday night, of course, was the Romero show: My man struck out 12 through the first six innings and carried a no-hitter to the eighth, where some chucker named Rios went deep for Chicago’s only hit in a 4-2 Toronto win. So, my dream of seeing a no-no dies again, at least for now. Still, possibly the most dominating pitching performance I’ve ever witnessed live and one that has me thinking the future may be pretty, pretty bright for Rookie Romero after all. Troy who?

Then last night, the ugly one. Is it too late to ask for Brandon League back? Brandon Morrow was dreadful in his second start as a Jay, getting trashed to the tune of seven runs in four-plus innings while his esteemed mates only managed a pair of fifth inning hits in an 11-1 loss. Oh well, just one of those nights…

Anyway, the homestand is far from over — the Sox are in tonight to wrap up the four-game set, with the Angels coming in for a three-gamer tomorrow and Kansas City in on Monday for another three. Get your tickets before these ones sell out — they’re going pretty quickly these days. Dana Eveland and Freddy “The Rock” Garcia are on the hill tonight.



  1. First.. Quit chewing your finger-nails!!!
    Second..You missed a wicked fight in your section behind you opening night. When the girlfriend got involved and started cheap-shotting the guy from behind… I could see that was a relationship that will last!!! The grab of the hair, then the wailing was one Jerry Springer would have been proud of.
    Third.. The curse of the Leafs is creeping down Bremner Boulevard… where if they win, plan the parade route, if they lose, Shoot them all out back and give up!!!!!
    Fourth..I know you missed me!!!!!!!!!
    Fifth..The after game interviews that the players give,are sounding like there was no fun. And the reason was Halladay’s intensity and no-nonsense approach made it un-easy. Myself, I would rather win instead of having the highlight of the night be shaving-cream-pie-ing someone after the game!!!! The professionalism they “have” seems to only come when it suits them!!!! They are the Toronto Blue Jays, not a big-league MLB team.
    Sixth..I wish I lived closer because I would have been there last night with a cheap ticket, then weasel my way down to the best seats. Hell, I might have made it into the dugout by the way the team was playing. I might have been on the field as a catcher (based on my gut)!!!

  2. Yeah, I just watched the Jays preview on MLB Network and Romero said something like Halladay being almost “too serious”. Not sure what to make of that…

    So what are you guys doing for seats this year?

  3. I was a part of that smallest crowd in Roger’s Centre history. When do I get my plaque?

  4. We got a 20 set up in the outfield. We’re in for the red Sox the weekend before the all-star break. Other than those three, the other tickets are yet to be determined.
    With the way it looked last night, I might try to get in soon to go as close to home as possible, but Jen would stop me. Hell, she would probably rather sit with you all game, instead of the seat-hopping!!
    I’m thinking I might get a Lind or Romero jersey. If the Jays were smart, they would hype up Romero as the NEW reason to go every fifth day!!!! AND HAVE AN AUTOGRAPH DAY, DAMMIT!!!

  5. Romero is looking great but the attendence is looking sad. I will be helping out in the outfield at least on Sunday.

    My question though is when are you going to write the Overbay article? I know you love the guy and I find it hard to argue with you because he seems like a stand up gentleman but how long are we going to keep an .079 hitter batting 5th? The world wants to hear your thoughts.

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