Posted by: Jeremy | April 15, 2010

Chan Ho Park immediately endears self to New York media, world in general

Seventeen years in the big leagues, and Chan Ho Park doesn’t yet realize that diarrhea is hilarious? Are you kidding me?



  1. I thought the news reporters were extremely rude to laugh, especially to keep it up when Park was so obviously confused by it.

  2. I don’t think it was the news reporters who were laughing. I think it was his teammates.

  3. Everyone was laughing because it was hilarious…

  4. […] With Chien Ming Wang more than a year removed from the Bronx, the New York Post staff has been on the lookout for a source of toilet humour for some time. Now that Bartolo Colon is in on a minor league contract, the need to search further can cease. Between the above headline and jokes about Colon’s man boobs, it’s easy to overlook the greatest poop jokester in Yankee history, Chan Ho Park. […]

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