Posted by: Jeremy | April 11, 2010

Big game brings out the best in Raps

You're all winners!

Put a fork in the Raptors — they’re cooked. But we knew that already. Anyway, the Bulls came into town and ripped Toronto in the battle of who gets to stumble ass-backwards into the playoffs tonight, cruising to a 104-88 win to grab a one-game lead on the East’s final spot with two to play.

The Raps came into their most important game of the year and gave what you’ve come to expect from this team the past couple months — a completely uninspired effort. Andrea Bargnani & co. were eaten alive by Joakim Noah to the tune of 18 points, 19 boards and seven assists and Derrick Rose ran wild on Toronto’s backcourt defensive masterminds, scoring 26 points and adding seven dimes. Prized Raptors point guard Jose Calderon had a night of his own, nearly tripling his season averages with seven points and four assists. Thanks little fella!

Toronto has Detroit (away) and New York (home) remaining on the schedule, meaning if they were playing even remotely well at the moment I’d say they’d still have a decent shot at getting in, especially with Chicago home to Boston and in Charlotte to close things out. Of course, they’re not playing anywhere near the level it takes to even win an NBA game these days, so I’m not really getting my hopes up. If it does come down to it, though, the Raps hold the tiebreaker over the Bulls, meaning they’ll earn the right to get swept by the LeBrons should they both finish with the same record. Raps-Cavs — how about that for a competitive first round matchup?



  1. Our playoff chances are looking a lot better now. The Bulls will have Boston and Charlotte on consecutive days while we have a day to rest up for the juggernaut Knicks.

    Even though they don’t deserve it, I’d much rather see the Raps sacrificed to Lebron than the bulls.

  2. Looks like the Bulls are gonna be the ones sacrificed…

    Oh well, I lost interest a few weeks ago already. Another chapter closes in the fine book of Raptors basketball.

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