Posted by: Jeremy | April 10, 2010

This is easy…

Jose takes one for the team

Another day, another win. Tonight it was Dana Eveland coming up big, tossing seven-plus innings of shutout ball in his Toronto debut in a 3-0 win over the Orioles. Not all that bad for a guy coming in with a 5.54 career ERA in parts of five big league seasons. Nope, not too bad at all.

Eveland, who gave up just five hits, wasn’t the only unexpected bright spot — Jose Molina doubled, drew a bases-loaded hit-by-a-pitch and drove home Toronto’s second run with a two-out RBI single in the sixth in his second start as a Jay, proving in the process that not all Molinas are complete washouts in this city. Well, at least he isn’t yet.

Along with Molina, Adam Lind, Edwin Encarnacion and Alex Gonzalez all had two hits for Toronto, with Lind’s ninth-inning double providing some extra insurance for Jason Frasor, who picked up his third save since his Opening Day B.J. Ryan impression.

The Jays’ fourth straight win has them looking pretty, pretty, pretty good at 4-1 — a half-game up on the Rays and Yankees with the dirty Red Sox and O’s lingering in fourth and fifth. Gonna stay that way? You betcha. Not only that — I’ve got Toronto finishing 161-1 and can’t be convinced otherwise. They’ll go for the sweep tomorrow afternoon with super ace Shaun Marcum on the hill against a washed-up Kevin Millwood.



  1. Oh yeah!!!! This feels like last year, with them coming out unstoppable….until they ran into a play-off team. Then they fall apart, and can’t understand how it went to shit so fast (like Mexican water through a first time tourist!!).
    Maybe they could trade Litsch and McGowan for someone at a two or three in a rotation, and time to dump Johnny Mac once the Cuban kid is ready!!!! I know its blasphemy to say this of the MAC, but its time to get a hitter as well as a glove there!!!
    Still want Ruiz at first, and Lyle as DH, and Lind in RF. Maybe we could go after that Halladay guy I’ve heard so much about in Philly???????

  2. Be nice to Jose. Remember that conversation I had with him that day I met Doc and Terry Adams gave up that 9th inning grand slam?

    Lets just hope Hill is back Monday. McCoy does not scream starting Major League 2nd Baseman to me!

  3. Now all we need is Chacin.

  4. bill:
    It would be nice, but I don’t think anyone would give up a bag of balls for Litsch of McGowan right about now. Either way, I’m liking the way the rotation is shaping up 1/40th of the way through the season.

    Angry Mike:
    Yeah, Jose is alright. He could hit sub-.200 and he’d still be better than Benjy in my books.

  5. Mar:
    Chacin was bouncing around in AAA last year. I’m gonna look him up and see where he is now…I could do some interesting “Where Are They Now” articles on some of our forgotten heroes…

  6. Chacin is pitching for the Astros. He threw 2 innings against us during the last spring training game of the year. Here is a link for the box score.

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