Posted by: Jeremy | April 5, 2010

And so it begins…

One day you'll be perfect, Shaun Marcum

The Jays led us on for 41 games last year. This season…well, it lasted about six innings. Shaun Marcum took a no-hitter and a 3-0 lead to the seventh until a Nelson Cruz homer tied things, then Jason Frasor let a 4-3 lead get away in the ninth as Jarrod Saltalamacchia drove home the winner in a 5-4 Texas win in the opener this afternoon.

Okay, so it’s one game. No biggie. I’m trying to be realistic about this season, so let’s look at the positives:

1. First off, Marcum: Welcome back, my man. He went six-and-a-third without giving up a hit before an iffy Josh Hamilton walk, an opposite field Vladimir Guerrero single and Cruz’s three-run homer on an impossible outside pitch tied it up. All in all, a fine effort for his first start in a year-and-a-half. Also, note this: Marcum is gonna get that elusive no-hitter one of these days.

2. Adam Lind and Vernon Wells: The three and four men went a combined 6-for-7 with a homer apiece, plus Wells drove home the go-ahead run on an 0-2 pitch with the bases loaded in the eighth. You expect it from Lind after last year, but it’s a nice little surprise from Wells. Did someone tell him it’s 2006?

3. Scotty Downs: A three-up, three-down eighth after Toronto re-grabbed the lead. Definitely welcome after some of his outings before getting shut down last year, though not much of a shock given how solid he’s been otherwise the past few seasons. Good to know he’s there if Frasor can’t get it right.

Just a quick look at the negatives, too: Aside from Lind and Wells, the Jays’ lineup was 2-for-28, with Travis Snider leading the way with three Ks. Also, Edwin Encarnacion manned the hot corner with about as much poise as he ever has, which is none. Can we move Jose Batista to third and pop Randy Ruiz into the starting lineup yet?

Alright, so one down, 161 to go. If nothing else, I’ll rest assured knowing we’re at least tied for last in the division with the Yankees, who fell at Fenway last night and look ready to drop 100 games this year.


  1. Encarnacion is definitely one of, if not the worst fielding 3B in the game.

  2. Well put!

    I personally love what Frasor brings to the table, but, I have always liked it better in the 8th. Downs has his nights but I still take him as the closer before Gregg or Frasor. For the record I said that before the season opened as well.

    Snider looked awful at the dish and his facial expression shows no faith in himself. EE…well…I hope he is not the 3rd baseman of the future because I think Jose Molina (my buddy) would have an easier time over there.

    All in all though it was a fun game to watch until the 9th. Cruz’s HR was simply well hit on a great pitch and Bautista did have a few good rips. Romero will pitch a good game on Wednesday (stupid schedule) and the Jays will take 1 out of three in this series. Looking forward to a series win this weekend!

  3. Yeah, Snider is the one that I’m worried about. Just thought he would’ve gotten it right by now. Granted, it’s one game…

    I really hope they find a way to get Ruiz 500 at-bats…he’ll be good for 25+ bombs, if you ask me.

  4. Edwin is one of the worst 3B in the game, period.

    The typical 5-tool piece of shit.

  5. “Edwin Encarnacion manned the hot corner with about as much poise as he ever has, which is none”

    ahhaha i lovvveee it

    maybe the announcer will finally figure out how to say his name this year

  6. If only Encarnacion could play D the way he lights fire to his face…

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