Posted by: Jeremy | April 4, 2010

Phil Kessel would do anything for love, but he won’t beat the Bruins

Kessel really knows how to lay the smackdown on his old team

Many months ago, I boldly went were every Leaf fan has gone at some point in their life and predicted they’d still make the playoffs despite losing their first 36 games this season. Well friends, the dream died last night. Actually, it died a long time ago, but last night’s 2-1 overtime loss to the Bruins only made it burn all the more.

Colton Orr scored early for Toronto and Jonas Gustavsson kept it tied with a handful of tough saves late before Miroslav Satan scored the devilishly fine overtime winner, his second of the game, about three-and-a-half minutes into the free frame. As usual, Tuukka Rask had little trouble with the Leafs, who again didn’t get much from Phil Kessel against his former team. In six games against Boston this season, Kessel had a lone assist.

I was lucky enough to take this one in live at the ACC from a box that may or may not have been owned by singer/songwriter extraordinaire Meat Loaf (okay, well it wasn’t, but my guy Lou knows where I’m going with this). All in all, great times, great popcorn and great company from the great Ash Britton, who may or may not have made it rain with the aforementioned popcorn after Satan scored the winner (again, I’m lying…she was very mild-mannered). Oh well, at least she could find solace in her Duke Blue Devils winning and heading to the NCAA Final.

The win was big for the Bruins, who are right in the thick of the battle of who gets to be swept by Washington in the first round. Boston currently sits seventh in the East with 84 points, with the Flyers and Rangers right in the mix with 82 in the same number of games. Meanwhile, those crazy Leafs hold steady at 15th in conference, two points back of Florida and Tampa Bay. Toronto is home to Philly for it’s ACC finale on Tuesday.


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