Posted by: Jeremy | January 21, 2010

Gatorade Canada: Making dreams come true (for real)

These are the kind of seats we're dealing with

Sitting courtside at an NBA game is good. Pretty, pretty good. As I documented last week, I had that opportunity for the Raptors-Celtics game at the ACC on Jan. 10, and you too could get that chance. Don’t like basketball, though? Well, it goes beyond that: Gatorade Canada is giving away sick seats to sporting events all over the country, from courtside to rinkside to the Grey Cup — and best of all, you just gotta join their Facebook page to become eligible.

As far as my experience goes, I was contacted a couple weeks ago about an opportunity to take in the Raptors game, and originally thinking it was one of those “sign up for a chance to win” things, didn’t really pay much attention. After giving it a closer look, I discovered that yes, it was a real person emailing me, and yes, I really was going to be sitting courtside at the Raptors game. Turns out Gatorade had chosen a handful of bloggers to come in and live the contest first-hand as a sort of trial run. After experiencing it, I suggest you give it a look.

Here’s how the day went down for me: I got to the ACC at noon for a 1:00 tip, met with the fine folks at Gatorade and High Road Communications and had a nice lunch in a private room, then was whisked down to the court where I ate cookies, had a few beers and exchanged words with volatile Boston forward Rasheed Wallace. In the end, a Raptors loss, but still an unforgettable sports experience.

So, here’s how the contest works: Through Facebook, Gatorade Canada is asking fans to submit entries to contests that will be posted on their page. For example, they may ask you to record your best touchdown dance and send it in for a shot at Grey Cup tickets. If you can high-step like Deion Sanders, you may just be on your way.

The contest, launched this week, will be going on for the next year. As of now, there’s no immediate announcements on what tickets are up for grabs, but Gatorade will be giving away 100 in all, so stay tuned. Also, if you tweet, follow Gatorade Canada on Twitter to see what’s up. Personally, I’ve joined the group and will be in the hunt for more tickets, even if that seems a little selfish considering I’ve already “won” the contest once. How else am I gonna afford courtside tickets?



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