Posted by: Jeremy | January 6, 2010

Chad Ochocinco feels so fine

The knee is fine, apparently

Chad Ochocinco didn’t exactly “get his” Sunday night in the Bengals’ 37-0 loss to the Jets, but he seems to be doing just fine off the field. After being held off the scoresheet in the regular season finale and with questions about a left knee injury with a playoff rematch against New York looming Saturday, Ochocinco put to rest any concerns this morning, claiming he’s all set to go after some sexual healing. “I had sex yesterday,” he told the New York Post. “With some of the moves I did, I should be fine.” Yes, yes…Lionel Richie would be proud.



  1. I don’t see him getting his this week either. Revis Island is no joke. I wouldn’t want to get caught there!

  2. The Jets’ D is tight — arguably the best in the league. I agree, Cincy is in tough this weekend.

  3. Chad Ocho-Cinco is a friggin joke. lol.

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