Posted by: Jeremy | January 4, 2010

Rams fans lose, though not as badly as Bill Belichick

Think the Cincinnati Bengals had a rough Sunday? It may have actually been a bit worse for this pair of Rams fans (I thought I was the only one?) who decided to risk their lives for a pair of game-worn shoes from one of their 1-15 heroes. Well, 1-15 if you decide to count that one win against Detroit. Who would’ve imagined a canopy wouldn’t be able to hold the weight of two men, much less a pair of shoes?

Still, the Bengals and these two morons aside, the true loser of the weekend was again one Bill Belichick, who decided to use his starters in a meaningless game to disastrous results. Ah yes, this is too funny (with apologies to Wes Welker). Don’t worry, Bill — it’ll all get better when your top receiver returns in 2014. For now, enjoy losing in the first round!

Here’s your matchups, by the way:

Saturday: NY Jets (9-7)-Cincinnati (10-6); Philadelphia (11-5)-Dallas (11-5)

Sunday: Baltimore (9-7)-New England (10-6); Green Bay (11-5)-Arizona (10-6)

Byes: Indianapolis, San Diego, New Orleans, Minnesota.



  1. Ha, I saw this clip! Pretty funny stuff. If I were a Rams fan I wouldn’t want to mess up getting that first pick in the draft, and would’ve tanked it. They suck worse than my Raiders, so who cares about them! They need to move somewhere else before they get halfway decent again…

  2. I’ve been a Rams guy since I was a kid (took after my older brother), and aside from that magical ’99 season and a few nice runs after, it’s been a rough, rough ride. That said, I wouldn’t be diving onto an tarps for game-worn shoes.

  3. Well, like my Raiders you’ve had a few good moments here and there, but the bad outweighs the good! I’m glad you have enough sense to NOT jump onto the tarps!

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